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  • Laboratory Testing Services

    Laboratory Testing Services

    Treatability study to verify feasibility of the site remediation using nZVI. The purpose of laboratory study is to test zero-valent iron nanoparticles on contaminated water and soil samples from a real site. The work usually includes kinetic tests of different concentrations of NANOFER on water and soil samples polluted by chlorinated ethenes and heavy metals. Reduction efficiency, pH, ORP and general chemical composition are analyzed in liquid phase...

  • Technical Support and Assistance Services

    Technical Support and Assistance Services

    We guide you through the process of selecting the right material for your application, train you in handling of our products and if you need, we can also assist you during the application.

  • Analysis and Measurement Services

    Analysis and Measurement Services

    We are able to arrange a complex material analysis due to our long-term cooperation with various universities and research institutions. Our products are analyzed mainly by methods mentioned bellow, that are provided by RCPTM (Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials). There are of course many other methods available.