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Narda Safety Test Solutions was founded on January 1, 2000. The company is an offshoot of the high-frequency measurement technology operation of the former Wandel & Goltermann group and has been a part of the L-3 Communications technology group since it was founded. The operational field of Narda Safety Test Solutions covers the business segments of RF Safety, EMC, and RF Testing. In all three of these areas, Narda is one of the leading providers of high quality, application tailored measurement solutions. We do not develop any products without first consulting a large number of customers. In this way, we can be certain that the practical know-how of the people on the ground is reflected in our products and will penetrate the market.

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Sandwiesenstraße 7 , Pfullingen , 72793 Germany

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Health and Safety - Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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more than 1,000,000,000 €

One part of the competence of Narda Test Solutions results from extensive high-frequency and microwave know-how gained through years of experience. Highly specialized engineers in our development unit make use of the latest hardware and software tools and materials to ensure that our customers can obtain stable and reproducible measurement data.

In addition to this, Narda has for more than 20 years now cultivated a worldwide, focused network of partners who are responsible for advising our customers and marketing our instruments. We are particularly interested in ensuring that these partners receive regular training and further technical instruction.

We have become global market leaders with many of our products. We are well aware of the responsibility that this brings. It is our goal to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers and to constantly demonstrate our trustworthiness as a partner through high quality, precise, reliable and long-lasting products.

Quality is the watchword for Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH and a promise to our customers to live up to their and our expectations for performance and reliability with our products and services.

Our products satisfy specific market requirements and are eminently suitable for the stated field of application. We are able to achieve this standard by consistently including our customers in the process of maintaining our existing range and the development of new products, as well as by constantly enhancing our test and calibration methods, particularly the accredited ones. The calibration laboratory carries out its work according to the processes, specifications and instructions described by the company, regardless of any management directives.

Because we are aware of the risks attached to the supply of possibly defective measuring equipment, no device leaves our factory untested or uncalibrated. Proof of this is kept on file.

We use a management system to ensure the long-term quality of our products and the development capability of our company. This management system describes and defines how we are organized and how we operate, and is the starting point for all improvements. Our management system covers all areas and implements the requirements set out in the ISO 9001/2008 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards.