We are a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. Without losing view of our regional roots, we strive for global market penetration. Regionality and globality are not mutually exclusive terms in our world. Manufacturers of progressing cavity, rotary lobe, downhole, dosing and barrel emptying pumps. Suitable for those applications others can`t reach. Target market sectors include Oil & Gas, Chemical & Paper, Food & Pharmaceutical, Environmental & Energy. NETZSCH Group with three independent business units, Pumps & Systems, Grinding & Dispersing, and Analyzing & Testing acting with the objective of offering each and every customer the very best solution for their individual requirements.

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Gebrüder-Netzsch-Straße 19 , Selb , 95100 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mission Statement

Our Company
We are a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. Without losing view of our regional roots, we strive for global market penetration. Regionality and globality are not mutually exclusive terms in our world.

Our products and services are held in high regard by our customers. We view it as our foremost duty to uphold and cultivate this esteem.

Our employees are an important factor in our success and they are a veritable pool of knowledge and expertise. We encourage and nurture their professional growth in order to help master the dynamic challenges faced in our international competitive arena. This in turn enables us to provide our entire staff with stable and secure employment.

We are a reliable partner to our suppliers and strive to cultivate long-term collaborative relationships.

We are conscious of the responsibilities we bear for the regions in which we are active, as well as for our environment. We are dedicated to heeding the interests of the common good.

We abide by the respective laws across the world and avow ourselves to the practice of fair and just competition.

Our systematic, continuous improvement of our resources and processes ensures that the growing needs of our business partners, employees and social environment will continue to be met into the future.

Our primary objective is to increase the value of the company through fair, professional and trusting cooperative effort. It is our desire and intent to remain a family-owned enterprise down the road as well. We therefore place great importance on crisis resistance and on guarantees for the future.

We concentrate on the utilization and continued development of our core competencies in the three current business units of Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing, and Pumps & Systems. We consciously spread our fields of activity in such a way as to minimize our market and business risk. It is possible that further business units may be established in the future if these fit into our strategic focus and meet our internal rate of return and value enhancement requirements. Any further business units would most likely originate as spin-off concepts from existing products in our present three business units.

Our markets are highly attractive and offer sufficient latitude for organic growth. We strive to be among the market leaders in our areas of business.

We place particularly high priority on our research and development activities. In cooperation with our customers and scientific institutions, we systematically improve and develop our technologies and applications. This allows us to expand into market niches and thereby create market potential for organic growth. Our selective acquisitions support the preservation and strengthening of our competitive advantages and core competencies.

The foundation for the continuing development of the Group is the “NETZSCH Culture” described here, which we endeavor to sustain and cultivate. It is the integrative force which makes lasting identification with the company possible. It unites the business units and their employees and fosters the establishment of synergies. It is our desire that this should mobilize individual performance and motivation as well as the integrity, team spirit and creativity of our employees. Our company culture is an essential success factor in achieving the objectives of the Group.

The keys to our success are our applications knowledge and the close relationships that we actively keep with our customers. Linked to that are our long-term, trusting business relationships and a deep understanding of our markets and our competitors.

Our customers’ demands and expectations are legitimate and we meet them by means of innovative solutions, professionalism, reliability and good value. We feel that our customers are entitled to expect added value with the purchase of our products. This includes our entire scope of integrated service offerings, particularly technical advice and customer consultancy. To this end, we make use of various instruments such as applications laboratories, product configurators and local expertise.

We collect and structure applications knowledge and make it available within our organization. The resulting ability to carry out a differentiated applications analysis and to tailor the design of our machines and instruments to our customers’ needs is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We handle our processes and costs conscientiously. We endeavor to optimize our expenditures qualitatively and quantitatively and to scrutinize each one with regard to its potential contribution to the value-added chain.

Our strategy, products and services, employees, and efficient processes make it possible to defend our competitive position even in times of greater market pressure while achieving the returns necessary to secure continuity for the NETZSCH Group.

In order to accomplish a great deal together, we need strong corporate values on which to base our daily thoughts and actions within the company. Our values are the foundation of our self-image and our cooperation. They make our company unique both internally and externally. Values that are firmly rooted in more than 140 years of company history.

We consistently plan our business according to the highest ethical standards and place integrity first for cooperation based on trust.

Trust and Accountability
We are committed to family values: We nurture a culture of trusting cooperation and seek to strengthen and support one another. We assume responsibility for each other in every regard. We empower all employees to apply themselves constructively and creatively.

Professionalism and Innovation
We identify with the company and its goals. We seek dialogue with our business partners in order to establish sustainable business relationships and achive mutual gains. We engage in continous development of our processes. We provide an innovation-friendly environment which motivates good performance and fosters job satisfaction.

Fairness and Loyalty
We treat each other with open-mindedness, respect and mutual esteem. We view diversity as an opportunity. We communicate actively and encourage dialogue. We operate transparently and adhere to relevant laws and agreements.

The NETZSCH Group consists of three Business Units under the umbrella of the Erich NETZSCH GmbH & Co. Holding KG.

The Erich NETZSCH Holding is an active holding company providing its operatively independent business units with a functional framework as well as an optimum administrative environment while supporting the efficiencies of the individual business units and the synergies among them in all areas of activity. The Erich NETZSCH Holding holds the objective of ensuring that the value of the NETZSCH Group as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We see it as our task to identify and take advantage of the opportunities arising within the Group and to keep any inherent risks within reasonable limits.

The management team of the ENH is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of group strategy.
Business Units

The three Business Units – Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps & Systems – provide tailored solutions for highest-level needs. Over 3400 employees at 210 sales and production centers in 35 countries across the globe guarantee that expert service is never far from our customers.