New York Imports LLC

New York Imports LLC is a global trader providing seamless disposition of all end-of-life electronics to include mobile, wireless and computer technologies. We adhere to the EPA mandate: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. All devices are tested, with data wiped to DOD standards at our facility or at client sites.

Company details

301 West 110 Street, Suite 12E , New York , New York 10026 USA

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Electronics and Computers
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US

New York Imports is a privately held company staffed with a diverse multinational and multi-cultural team of trading and administrative support experts.

We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves in providing a high quality service for our clients.  With our substantial international business experience and sound knowledge in a range of areas, we make the most of our international network of professionals from the public and private sectors to provide a tailored service for our clients.

We are strategically placed as a global trader of end of life electronics and computer components.  We possess the global strength to purchase and sell a wide variety of recyclable materials with strategic alliances on three continents.

Our main office is located in New York City, USA with affiliated offices in Italy and partnerships in Germany and South Africa.

Approximately 53% of our business comes from trading end of life electronics and computer components. Such materials include mobile phones, computers, tablets, servers, IT and telecommunication equipment from around the globe.

Another 12% comes from corporate toll refining and revenue sharing of end of life electronics and computer components, 10% from repairing and refurbishing electronic devices through our global partners; another 21% comes from consulting and referrals and 4% of our business goes towards investing in green and sustainable opportunities.

Mission Statement

To fully utilize our expertise, creativity and collaboration to build relationships that create sustainable growth and profit for our company, through the acquisition of end of life electronics, while actively involved in reducing the impact of electronic waste in landfills globally.

Our Vision

To provide compliant solutions to small businesses across the globe, in the removal and processing of electronics that are at the end of their life cycle.  In doing so we assist in creating another source of revenue for many of these companies that would have otherwise thrown the materials out and in some cases into landfills. With our involvement we assist in returning many of the scarce metals recovered from end of life electronics back into its natural state, consequently reducing the need to mine and destroy some of the world’s natural eco systems.

  • Accountability : Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for our actions.
  • Integrity : Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.
  • Diversity : Respecting diversity and giving the best of composition.
  • Ownership : Taking care of the company and customers as if they are one’s own.
  • Community : Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility.