Norconsult AS

Norconsult is an interdisciplinary engineering and design consultancy, providing services to clients in public and private sectors worldwide. The company is the leading Norwegian consultancy, a considerable European player, and has leveraged its substantial international presence and experience in projects on every continent.

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Vestfjordgaten 4 , Sandvika , 1338 Norway

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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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One of the most important functions of the company is taking part in building the community; Norconsult’s interdisciplinary experience provides a solid foundation to participate in developing tomorrow’s infrastructure. Norconsult employs engineers, economists, social scientists, architects, landscape architects, and information and communication technology professionals, as well as experts in a broad range of specialty fields. With a daily focus on developing this multidisciplinary melting pot, Norconsult ensures clients obtain comprehensive advice.

Norconsult’s services contain more than just human resources, technical skills and experience. The company also seeks to improve the clients' business and secure their investments. With cross-discipline interaction, new skills and knowledge, and a better understanding emerge. The company, therefore, emphasises knowledge transfer between the consultancy and its clients.

As Norconsult is owned by its employees, the unique structure allows the advantage of being able to focus on constantly developing itself as well as their clients, without pressure from external shareholders. This allows the company to challenge status quo, ensure innovation in every project, and continuously improve its business model to respond to evolving needs of their clients.

Norconsult is well accustomed to handle both small and large projects of a complex nature. The company covers all phases of a project cycle; from the earliest pre-investment and feasibility studies, through planning and design, tendering and construction supervision, to project implementation, operations and maintenance. Norconsult often partners and cooperates with other companies, research institutions and universities, as well as independent experts.

Norconsult’s clients are private investors, governments, local authorities, consortia and major international organisations, such as:

  • The Nordic agencies for International Cooperation and Development (NORAD, SIDA, DANIDA, FINIDA)
  • Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) and Nordic Development Fund (NDF)
  • The World Bank (IBRD, IDA, IFC)
  • Regional development banks, i.e., African Development Bank (AfDB), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • United Nations (UN), including UNDP, UNDESD and UNIDO

Norconsult has major branch and project offices spread throughout the world, and establish new, local project offices when needed, priding itself on effectively distributing knowledge across organisational, geographical and disciplinary boundaries, yet understanding the importance of localization.

The company’s social responsibilities in the markets it operates, as well as the respect for local laws and regulations are key business success factors. Norconsult’s corporate values are based upon good business practice, honesty and respect for other people, and the company’s statutes and operations comply with the general requirements, codes of ethics and quality assurance policies of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

Norconsult is a member of Top E of the European Consulting Engineering Network. Top E members are independent consulting engineers who rank amongst the top in their respective country. This guarantees a high standard of quality in design and execution.

Norconsult's corporate culture is founded on honesty and respect for other people, and we understand the societal consequences of our operations and consider these in all decissions.  

We are a central player in the local and national societies we operate in. Our operations have consequences that in various ways impact both the environment and the society at large, and the company's employees must be aware of the responsibility as a result of this. Norconsult takes care of the nature and environment, both by minimizing the envrionmental impacts of its own operations and by encourage environmentally friendly solutions in our assignments.

Our employees shall be loyal towards their clients and ensure the utmost confidentiality in regards to the reception of information or documentation in general, is upheld.

Norconsult operates with high ethical standards all over the world. We adhere to the local host country's laws and regulations, respect human rights and work within the accepted norms of international business on all international assignments.

Norconsult opposes all forms of corruption. We are not to accept or give unreasonable compensations or advantages to clients, suppliers, partners, authorities or other interested parties which can be regarded as bribes.

Norconsult carries out interdisciplinary technical, economic and social consulting services in the public and private sector. Our work ranges from conceptual to detailed studies and assistance during operations.

Our services aim to improve the client’s operations and secure his investments.

The expected results of a project, as perceived by the client, shall form the basis for our activities.

This will be secured by:

  • Clarifying the client’s needs and challenges initially
  • Offering the client what he actually wants, not what we
  • would like to provide
  • Focusing on results and
  • profitable solutions, not just by providing our “efforts”
  • Carrying out projects as mutual learning processes for all the people involved
  • Facilitating a good working relationship with the client, by ensuring that the project is carried out in an open, timely and effective manner and that the output from the project meets client expectations

Our activities must generate an acceptable level of profit for Norconsult.