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  • Energy

  • Marine SOx Scrubbers

    Marine SOx Scrubbers

    Marine SOx scrubbers have been developed to abate the sulphur emissions from shipping. Nordkalk's desulphurisation concept is based on a dry scrubber where granules made from Nordkalk slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) absorb sulphur from the flue gas of the ship. The benefit of the dry scrubber is the absence of emissions to both air and sea, as the process does not generate any scrubbing waters to be discharged into the sea. Furthermore, the...

  • Liming of Waterways

  • Liming of Waterways

    Liming of Waterways

    Through liming the pH level and buffer capacity of acidic water can be raised to a level where the normal ecosystem survives or recovers. In order to achieve this goal, the pH level of the water must exceed 6 and the buffer capacity must exceed 0.1 mekv/l. Fine limestone powders or magnesium-rich limestone powders should be used for all water liming. The best result is achieved with extra fine products.

  • Neutralizing Acid Natural Waters

    Neutralizing Acid Natural Waters

    As a result of the draining of forests and peatlands and peat production, acidic surface runoff waters can develop at production sites. Depending on the situation of the receiving watercourse, the amount of water and the acidic burden, these waters must sometimes be neutralised before conducting them into the watercourse. In addition to the acidic burden, the runoff water may contain harmful amounts of metals such as aluminium, iron and manganese.

  • Fostop - Lime Filter Application for Treatment

    Fostop - Lime Filter Application for Treatment

    Nordkalk developed the Fostop lime filter application for treatment of the runoff waters from fields and animal farms. The method reduces phosphorus leaching and eutrophication of watercourses. The phosphorus runoff from fields along with rain water is a well-known problem. Traditional ways of preventing it have been e.g. using wide exclusion zones and reducing fertilisation. These methods do not always give the desired results, therefore an option is...

  • limestone Powder

  • Nordkalk Parfill - Limestone Powder

    Nordkalk Parfill - Limestone Powder

    Nordkalk Parfill white limestone fillers are an economic way to replace some of the cement in concrete production. With limestone fillers the concrete will be lighter in colour with less variation and there will be less shrinkage.

  • Nordkalk Limus - Limestone Powder

    Nordkalk Limus - Limestone Powder

    Limus is the brand name for Nordkalk's limestone filler products for concrete market. Product range consists of eight different fraction levels. With Nordkalk Limus filler you will get the best self-compacting concrete. The concrete will be a bit brighter with white limestone filler which is an advantage in tunnels and similar applications.

  • Slaked Lime

  • Nordkalk Filtra - Model G - Granulated Slaked Lime

    Nordkalk Filtra - Model G - Granulated Slaked Lime

    Nordkalk Filtra G is a granulated slaked lime product. It is mainly used to absorb the sulphur compounds in flue gases but also in other environmental applications such as water purification. Nordkalk Filtra G is in the form of granules, which makes the product easy to handle and minimises dusting. The marine modification is adapted from proven land-based applications.