Norseman Inc.

Norseman Inc.

Norseman has developed our line of specialty gear. From advanced portable ducting to smart shipping liners. Superior insulated blankets to premium custom foam fabrication and beyond. Over this time, Norseman has grown and evolved – from being a mere maker of products – to a leading manufacturer of high performance gear. While products allow you to do your job, gear is much more. It’s painstakingly designed and meticulously crafted to address the real-world challenges those who rely on it face daily. It has been earned over nine decades and has taken us around the world.

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146, 2726-45 Avenue SE , Calgary , Alberta T2B 3M1 Canada
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)

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Our journey to become a gear specialist didn’t happen overnight.

It has been earned over nine decades and has taken us around the world.

It is the result of our tireless efforts to understand, appreciate, analyze, dissect and truly grasp the struggles, pressures and obstacles that stand between our customers and their goals. In some of the harshest environments imaginable. It comes from a relentless drive to continually find new and better ways to contribute to our customers’ success: through innovative thinking and new technologies. And it is inspired by a realization that failure is simply not an option.

For Norseman, gear is personal. As it is for those who depend on it. Those who do the heavy lifting and the hard work. The builders. The inventors. The risk takers.

It is for them – for you – that Norseman has developed our line of specialty gear. From advanced portable ducting to smart shipping liners. Superior insulated blankets to premium custom foam fabrication…. and beyond.

Our story starts in 1921 when, under the original company name of North West Tent & Awning, we did exactly what our name suggested; manufactured cotton and canvas tents, awnings and tarps. Though our company name changed in 1999 and our product selection has evolved significantly over the years, we've hung on to the principles that define us; tough, high-quality products; trusted service and a commitment to fierce reliability. That's why today Norseman is one of the largest and most technologically advanced custom industrial fabric and foam manufactures in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

The company began its global work in the 1960's when we developed a portable enclosure system for drilling rigs utilizing a steel frame and fabric shell. Norseman is the industry leader in 'winterizing' drilling rigs. Our enclosure systems have been used around the world; from the frigid Russian Arctic, where we have supplied over 100 rig structures alone, to the searing heat of the African desert.

Campers Village, was created in the early 1960's to provide a retail outlet for products manufactured under the Norseman trade name. Campers Village has since expanded as an outdoor retailer, with two stores in Edmonton and one in Calgary, providing quality outdoor products and expert advice. 

With the continued success of Norseman and the growing knowledge and expertise of our design and fabrication teams, Norseman acquired Factory Direct in 2003 - a manufacturer of fabric membrane and steel framed portable structures. This division, known as Norseman Structures, developed a reputation for manufacturing and installing high quality, cost effective shelter solutions when compared to conventional structures and buildings.

After many years of fabricating foam components for the protective packaging industry, Norseman decided to expand its operations working with foam and acquired Allfoam Industries in 2005. The formation of Norseman Allfoam created one of the largest custom foam fabricators in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest that services industries as diverse as: sound management, health and wellness, construction, sports and recreation and product packaging. Today Norseman Allfoam is known as the Protective Solutions business unit.

In June 2010, after many successful years of providing membrane structures to the marketplace, Norseman Structures acquired manufacturing assets once owned by Cover-All Building Systems. Together with its existing manufacturing facilities Norseman now operates over 200,000 square feet of quality controlled manufacturing space for unmatched steel framed, fabric covered building production capacity.

Today, using a broad selection of advanced synthetic fabrics, foam and employing leading edge technologies, we work closely with our customers to design and manufacture custom solutions in an extensive range of applications. We have lengthy experience providing quality products to diverse industries including: transportation, agriculture, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, forestry, sports and recreation, health and wellness and exploration. In addition to our custom fabrication capabilities, Norseman has a unique selection and inventory of standard line products that provide protection solutions to a wide range of customers around the world.

All of these changes were driven by one simple goal; to respond to the needs of our customers and the industries we serve. When we see a need, we immediately ask ourselves how we can fill it. Following the needs of our customers has taken our company to incredible places that we could have never imagined. From landmark construction projects to film sets and the Winter Olympics, our superior products and love of a good challenge has resulted in a colourful and rewarding history.

We might not know where the next challenge will take us, but we plan on creating our future in the same way we've carved out our history: with a commitment to reliability, a belief in quality and an eagerness to turn challenges into opportunities.