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  • Weather Modification Services

  • Fog Seeding/Fog Dissipation

    Fog Seeding/Fog Dissipation

    There are two primary fog types: warm and cold fog. These fog types are differentiated by temperature, with warm fog occurring at 32°F (0°C)or above, and cold fog at temperatures below 32°F (0°C). Both types are composed of water droplets. Warm fog is the more common of the two in most parts of the world, is microphysically stable and difficult to modify. Cold fog, on the other hand, is microphysically unstable and can be modified much...

  • Feasibility/Design/Evaluation Studies

    Feasibility/Design/Evaluation Studies

    North American Weather Consultants not only conducts operational cloud seeding programs, but has also been intimately involved in numerous research oriented cloud seeding programs since the mid-1950's. This combined operational and research experience allows us to assess the feasibility of conducting a cloud seeding program for snowfall or rainfall augmentation in a given area, design an effective program and evaluation method if a program appears to...

  • Airborne Cloud Physics and Tracer Studies

    Airborne Cloud Physics and Tracer Studies

    Observations above the surface of the earth are frequently of interest to a variety of users. In weather studies and weather modification research, North American Weather Consultants has utilized aircraft to obtain measurements within clouds, including temperature, dew point, water content, ice particle concentration, and wind direction and speed. Further, an atmospheric tracer, for example sulfur hexafluoride, can be released from either a ground or...

  • Applied Meteorological Services

  • Specialized Meteorological Forecasting

    Specialized Meteorological Forecasting

    North American Weather Consultants operates a complete synoptic forecast laboratory with access to all the latest meteorological measurements (surface and upper-air) from around the world. Many activities are subject to weather conditions. Outdoor sporting events or construction activities, for example, can be negatively impacted by adverse weather conditions. Specialized weather forecasts can be effectively utilized to minimize such negative...

  • Meteorological Monitoring

    Meteorological Monitoring

    As with ambient monitoring, North American Weather Consultants has a long history of performing meteorological monitoring. We have been collecting meteorological data since the 1950's. Our company is comprised primarily of meteorologists who are very familiar with the subtleties of obtaining and interpreting meteorological data. This factor has allowed North American Weather Consultants to consistently offer their clients the highest data collection...

  • Meteorological Data Archival and Retrieval

    Meteorological Data Archival and Retrieval

    Are you in need of some historical weather data? Do you need to archive data from a certain location for later use (such as dispersion modeling)? Do you need to prepare some meteorological data for dispersion modeling input? North American Weather Consultants has upper air (rawinsonde) data from all U.S. sites from the 1940's to the present. We have in-house information on most historical meteorological data collected in the United States and...

  • Radar-Derived Rainfall Estimates

    Radar-Derived Rainfall Estimates

    Hydrologists and engineers frequently face difficulties when attempting to estimate rainfall for storm reconstructions or a variety of design applications. All too often, rain gages in a region of interest are not particularly representative of a specific point or area of interest.