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North American Weather Consultants Inc.

Radar-Derived Rainfall Estimates



Hydrologists and engineers frequently face difficulties when attempting to estimate rainfall for storm reconstructions or a variety of design applications. All too often, rain gages in a region of interest are not particularly representative of a specific point or area of interest.

Time-resolved estimates of rainfall using weather radar records can be derived for points or areas where adequately representative gage measurements are not available. The coverage of National Weather Service NEXRAD (next generation radar) sites provides rich data over most portions of the U.S. Careful processing and analysis of data from the NEXRAD radars can provide rainfall estimates at time intervals as short as 5-6 minutes.

We have the data sources, software and expertise to assist you with your rainfall estimation needs and can produce time-resolved spreadsheet data ready to use with your analysis package. Using tested data extraction techniques and objective navigation methods for precipitation trajectories, combined with calibration using rain gage data to determine the proper reflectivity-rainfall (Z-R) relationship, we can provide the data you need in a timely manner. We have successfully supported other clients and stand ready to assist you.

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