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  • Waste Characterization Services

    Waste Characterization Services

    The disposal of industrial solid waste streams to landfills often requires characterization of the waste to differentiate hazardous from non-hazardous wastes.  The USEPA has established (under RCRA) procedures for determining hazardous characteristics:  The Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) and Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP). Many waste companies also have instituted specific test regimens before acceptance of...

  • Drinking Water (DW) Testing Services

    Drinking Water (DW) Testing Services

    NLS DW (drinking water) testing ranges from investigative analysis to SDWA compliance. We were one of the first laboratories to receive SDWA certification when Wisconsin implemented the program back in 1987. We continue to develop new methods and hold more DW method certifications than any other Wisconsin lab. At last count, 176 public water systems have used our services for 15 years or more. During the last cycle...

  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Services

    Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Services

    Today's municipal and industrial wastewater operators are under the constant pressure of regulation changes and decreasing effluent limits. Knowing what is taking place in each step of the waste stream process is crucial to optimal operation of each facility. We understand that operators expect timely and accurate feedback to keep their system in top shape. Typical turn-time on routine samples is 5 to 7 working days from sample receipt. Expedited...

  • Groundwater Monitoring Services

    Groundwater Monitoring Services

    NLS has played a significant role in Wisconsin’s groundwater monitoring program since its inception. Beginning in 1975 we installed and sampled over 250 monitoring wells in conjunction with Wisconsin’s Inland Lake Renewal program. By the mid-1980s we were sampling landfill, spray irrigation, and lagoon sites, and had developed a streamlined, efficient sampling method that minimizes pre-filtration metals oxidation prior to filtration...

  • Surface Water Services

    Surface Water Services

    NLS has been involved in low-level nutrient testing since the 1970's. We performed numerous comprehensive lake management studies back then. While we no longer have the time to do whole-project lake studies, we still provide unmatched analytical support for lake and surface water projects. From low-level nutrient and metals analysis of lake and river samples to ultra-low level mercury or PCBs in a receiving stream, NLS is the go-to lab for dependable...

  • Solids Analytical Services

    Solids Analytical Services

    The professionals at NLS have their sleeves rolled up and are not afraid to get dirty.  We have the capability to analyze soil, sediment, sludge, slag and other solids for an array of constituents. Many projects require multi-faceted analyses, and we can test for inorganic contaminants such as heavy metals and for organics such as herbicides, pesticides, and PCB's.  Clients regularly call on us to characterize waste prior to a landfill or...

  • Bio-Matrices Analytical Services

    Bio-Matrices Analytical Services

    Northern Lake Service, Inc. is a key third-party resource for bio-research project participants.   We provide timely analyses on a number of bio-matrices, including tissue, serum, urine, and feces, for a multitude of inorganic and organic constituents. We have a wealth of experience managing an array of supporting analyses and enjoy being part of any research effort.

  • Public Health Analytical Services

    Public Health Analytical Services

    Northern Lake Service, Inc. (NLS) has been providing investigative and compliance testing services for local public health agencies for over 35 years.  Our record of data quality and customer service have made us the choice to over half of Wisconsin municipalities for their Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Compliance needs.  NLS provides a wide range of analytical services from the very basic Coliform and Nitrate, to the very complex...