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Northern Plains Drainage Systems is based in Oakville, Manitoba and operates throughout western Canada. We provide a variety of products and services focused around farm and municipal drainage and RTK GNSS positioning. As well as being a dealer for industry-leading brands, such as Soil-Max, ADS, Outback, Ag Leader, and Hemisphere GNSS, we’re also the company behind Ditch Assist™ and Rotary Ditcher Ltd, and operate the Northern Plains RTK Network. We truly believe that drainage done right, whether surface, tile, or both, has the potential to transform your farming operation – and our customers tell us this regularly! We have extensive expertise and experience in drainage design, GPS technologies, GIS, land survey, and precision farming technologies.

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20 Miller St , Oakville , Manitoba R0G 0J0 Canada

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Specialists in Elevation Surveys & Data Acquisition, Surface and Tile Drainage Design & Licensing, Drainage Equipment, Machine Control, & RTK Technologies

Undertaking any type of drainage works can be a big challenge. Being unsure whether your ideas will work, or not knowing what is and isn’t possible may mean you end up with drains that don’t work. Whatever your situation, we’ve probably encountered similar in the past and helped those land owners implement effective drainage measures.

Whether you are looking at surface or tile drainage, whole fields or partial fields, flat land or rolling land, we have experience surveying and designing drainage on tens of thousands of acres throughout western Canada.

If you have your own high-accuracy GPS data we offer a service to create high quality informative elevation and drainage maps from just $75/field, and if you want to take things a step further you can try out our free drainage design software Geo Surface Analyzer.

Our RM ditch survey program has been running over 5 years, and is the most streamlined and accurate way for municipalities to generate the required 3-shot level profiles of existing and proposed ditch works.

Imagine farming through wet areas, not around them. Imagine not seeing your crops underwater 3 days after heavy rain. Imagine higher and more consistent yields. Tile drainage will make a difference on your farm. While tiling entire fields is proven to increase long-term yield averages by 25% or more, many of our clients are targeting just their problem areas and gaining back productive acres – many tell us they are paying off their investment in equipment in one wet year! Owning your own tiling equipment means you can tile where you want on your schedule and within your budget, and eliminates the hassle of finding a contractor for smaller projects.

We started tiling in 2010, and started selling plows the next year. We could have chosen any plow to sell. We felt then, as we still do today, that the Soil-Max Stealth ZD plow is the best ‘farmer-owned’ plow on the market. It is simple to use (we’ll set it up and teach you how to run it in a couple of hours), and places tiles as accurately as a contractor plow (if anyone tells you otherwise they either want to sell you a different model or have never used a tile plow (or both!). Wherever you are located in western Canada, we’ll setup your plow on-site and spend the time training you how to use it. As a plow owner, you’ll benefit from our unrivalled knowledge and support.

Our new NTRIP RTK network in Manitoba & select areas in Saskatchewan gives you access to RTK corrections via cellular data for a fraction of the cost of buying a base station. With pricing that’s less than SF2 and RTX, our goal is to make RTK accessible to all. Options also available for farms or dealers to setup and operate their own RTK bases on our infrastructure, especially those wishing to network their John Deere base stations.

We’ve developed innovative solutions to let you stream RTK into the most common GPS systems. Worried about cell coverage? We’ve got solutions for that too! One low subscription lets you access our base stations, and stream RTK corrections to your RTK unlocked GPS receivers. Only $750/year per subscription