NTH Consultants, LTD.

NTH Consultants, LTD.

NTH Consultants, LTD. is an infrastructure and environmental engineering firm, skilled at designing and constructing in the built and natural environment. Our services are grounded in the understanding of the complex interaction between the earth materials and the facilities we humans construct on and with the earth. Where a challenge rises, a solution is engineered.

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820 West Superior Ave. - Suite 320 , Cleveland , Ohio 44113 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Nationally (across the country)
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NTH Consultants, Ltd. is a team of professionals committed to providing high quality engineering, environmental and technical services to a wide variety of clients. We are confident that we will be successful if we continue to provide the best available service at a fair price.Our mission is to be the best. Striving to be the best includes the following specific goals:

  • To help our clients achieve their goals and solve their problems in a timely and cost effective manner; 
  • To respect our clients and to give them the best service we can;
  • To protect the public trust and the trust which our clients place in us; 
  • To be a leader in our fields of practice;
  • To provide an environment in which our people can grow professionally and personally; 
  • To communicate effectively among ourselves and with our clients and the public;
  • To follow sound management practices so that our employee owners are rewarded for their commitment to our team; 
  • To achieve orderly and controlled growth by expansion in new and existing markets;

We are proud of our past and confident of our future. We believe that people are our only real asset and that, with our people, we can achieve our goals.

Client satisfaction  
NTH actively queries and listens to its clients to understand their needs and expectations, offers alternatives based upon our knowledge and experience, and provides to clients a quality, value added service in a timely manner.

An organization which  fosters partnerships through communication, mutual respect, cooperation, and trust. An employee owned organization which encourages and values openness, employee’s input, and the expression and consideration of differing ideas.

An organization which conducts itself with the highest sense of professionalism and ethics and promotes honesty, integrity, and competency in its people.

Continuous Learning 
An organization which is committed to improving itself, its systems, procedures, organization, capabilities and quality of service. An organization which strives to be at the leading edge of our fields of expertise and which invests in our people and evaluates technical advances and future trends.