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  • ADMS 5

    ADMS 5

    The ADMS system has been in use for over 15 years now and incorporates the latest technological and scientific advances in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling. Packed with new features, ADMS 5 is the benchmark tool for assessing industrial risks and impacts.

  • Version ADMS Roads - ADMS Roads

    Version ADMS Roads - ADMS Roads

    ADMS-Roads is an easy-to-use software solution that has been custom-designed to study the impact of road traffic on air quality. It is the benchmark tool for producing the «Air and Health» strands of road network impact studies.

  • ADMS Urban

    ADMS Urban

    ADMS-Urban is an air quality modelling platform incorporating several models designed specifically to calculate urban air pollutant concentrations. Designed to work at a range of scales, from street-scale to city-wide scale, ADMS-Urban is the benchmark system for quantifying population exposure to urban pollution sources, i.e. road traffic and transport, industry, domestic/commercial, etc.

  • ADMS Airport

    ADMS Airport

    Designed for airport managers and air quality monitoring organizations, ADMS-Airport is the benchmark system for modelling air quality at airports.



    The FLOWSTAR model produces 3-D wind field and turbulence predictions using global met. data, and factoring in the effects of hilly terrain and land occupation.