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  • Cable Winches & Reels

    Cable Winches & Reels

    Cable Reels - Making your job easier. Often overlooked, the cable reel is one of the most important pieces of the inspection system. IBAK’s line of cable reels are designed specifically to work with IBAK equipment and to withstand the harsh environments that you encounter. All mainline cable is Kevlar reinforced and coated for protection. Our standard mainline cables are rated at over 2000 lbs. pull strength. Special cable reel features like...

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Products by Troglotech Ltd

  • Model T804 - Trogloprobe System

    Model T804 - Trogloprobe System

    Our standard system is the T804 ‘Trogloprobe’. Designed in 2006, this system has proven to be rugged and reliable with many hundreds in use throughout the world in the harshest environments. We made no compromises in the design of the T804, the complete system is waterproof to IP67 which means you can keep working in all weathers.The Troglotech T800 camera supplied with the standard system has been the benchmark for other manufacturers to...

  • Model T812 - Pan and Tilt Camera

    Model T812 - Pan and Tilt Camera

    Surveying pipelines with a standard pan and tilt camera can be confusing - when tilting, the picture rotates with the camera head - turning the world upside-down! Not with Troglotech’s T812 though - with our ‘Human Perspective View’ the picture always stays the right way up - just like a human would view a pipeline if small enough to fit in the pipe! This feature makes surveys more intuitive and understandable to the end customer.The...

  • Model T710 - One-Inch Camera

    Model T710 - One-Inch Camera

    Small cameras usually require a compromise in picture quality - but not with our T710 one-inch camera. We use a patented design to provide exceptional lighting and perfect picture quality. We use our own camera module to truly reflect the scene being viewed. Waterproof to IP67, the T710 camera can be supplied with 20 metres of hyper-flexible rod which is housed in...

  • Model 20M - Trogloprobe System

    Model 20M - Trogloprobe System

    Extent the capabilities of your T804 Trogloprobe system with the addition of the T710 1' camera and 20M (66 feet) of highly-flexible rod. Thisupgrade includes a smaller coiler cage that fits within the T804 coiler cage. When a survey is required of small pipework, the T800 camera can be detached, and the free-end of the 20M rod can be connected to the termination. The 1' camera can now be passed through the rod-guide and the survey can begin. In...

  • In-Line Sondes

    In-Line Sondes

    Troglotech produce in-line sondes for the T800 and T812 cameras which can be utilised when operating with the Troglotech T804 digital pushrod system.

  • Skid Sets

    Skid Sets

    We produce skid sets for our cameras, adaptors and sondes. Our design allows quick removal of the skids without the use of any tools. It also enables replacement of the individual brushes, which can be supplied in lengths suitable for use in 4' and 6' pipes. The Skids can be used without brushes for use in 3' pipe work. We also supply a wheeled - skid for the T812 camera for use in up to 12' pipework. This is adjustable for other pipework sizes. We...

  • 12V Vehicle - Charger

    12V Vehicle - Charger

    To extend the operation time of the T804 system, the DC Lead can be used to both charge the power cell and operate the Trogloprobe system at the same time. The DC Lead is 3 metres in length and has a cigar-Lighter plug to connect to a vehicle with a 12V battery system.The DC lead is especially useful for recharging the Power Cell while travelling between inspections. Each hours charge while travelling can provide up to three hours operation time...