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O`C Mechanical Services

Model 28 P / PE - Combi Tankers



High Pressure Washing & Suction Vehicles with moveable piston.

  • Drain cleaning, hydro-dynamic
  • Sewer cleaning, hydro-dynamic
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Container cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Landfill disposal of water
  • Mobile toilet disposal
  • Water transport
  • Gully
  • Oil, Gasoline, Grease separation
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR with optional equipment)

  • Emptying by gravity
  • Emptied by applying pressure through the vacuum pump
  • Emptying by emptying pistons (pneumatic or drag piston)
  • Multi-chamber system (optional)
  • Combined operation suction and high pressure rinsing
  • fixed or variable sludge tank/water tank

  • Sludge chamber size: custom
  • Tank capacity up to 20,000 liters of air volume
  • Sludge chamber: cylindrical,
  • Material: steel or stainless steel
  • Water in the tank chamber or as extrernal water saddle tanks
  • Content is displayed on the sight glass or float tube display with scale

  • To open over the full cross-section,
  • Material: steel or stainless steel
  • hydraulically to open up
  • Central locking and sealing bottom pneumatic, hydraulic or manually operated

  • Vacuum pump manufactured by a pump manufacturer (eg Product: Gardner Denver Wittig, ROTTEC, Jurop, Samson, SIHI etc.)
  • Quantity: 1 or 2 pumps
  • Suction: up to 3,000 m3 / h
  • Drive mechanical or hydraulic power take-off from the chassis or on a separate motor
  • Optional: Hose Reel, boom and boom cassette

  • Boom or
  • Hose Cassette with telescopic boom or
  • Hose Cassette with swivel head and arm

  • High-pressure pump, by a pump manufacturer(URACA, Speck, Hammel man, Woma, Pratissoli etc.)
  • Quantity: 1 or 2 pumps
  • Washing performance: to 600 liters / minute to 400
  • pneumatic pressure control valve
  • Pressure speed control
  • Driven by power take-off of the chassis or on a separate motor

  • Large high-pressure jetting reel with continuously variable hydraulic drive in both directions;
  • Large high-pressure jetting reel fixed or swivel on the bottom or closure mounted on the boom, in part, telescoping
  • Large high-pressure jetting reel, designed for high pressure hose DN 19, DN 25, DN 32, DN 38, up to 360 meters, custom-made and up to 500 m
  • Small high-pressure hydraulic jetting reel or hand-operated, designed for 40 to 120 m high pressure hose DN 13

  • Logo control
  • CAN-BUS control
  • Pressure speed control
  • Radio remote control
  • central control station with stainless steel housing

  • Outlet apron made of aluminum or stainless steel
  • Tool boxes or hose trays, made left and right of the tank, from aluminum or stainless steel sheet
  • Additional tool box
  • Water shortage warning system,
  • System drainage
  • Vice
  • Gun / spray gun
  • Halogen work lamp

  • Air compressor
  • hydraulic winch
  • Reversing camera
  • Meter counter for jetting hose
  • heated wardrobe
  • Fully enclosed wardrobe
  • Hand wash cold water or hot / cold water facility
  • Billboards
  • Odor control system
  • Winter Heating
  • Accessories
  • Nozzle set

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