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Oil Skimmers, Inc., manufactures and markets Oil Skimming equipment worldwide. Our oil skimmers recover all types of oils floating on water and other liquids and are used in all types of applications from manufacturing, steel mills, food processing, et cetera. We have complete design and application engineering, and our representatives are always available to visit your site.

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12800 York Rd. , Cleveland , 44133 OH USA

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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
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Globally (various continents)
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A longtime leader in the automatic oil skimming field, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has been providing simple, effective and cost-saving solutions to business and industry for over 40 years.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has 38 sales / services offices in the United States and 48 dealers overseas.
The company’s focus is on the production of reliable equipment that provides years of trouble-free operation, and friendly, customer-oriented service.

Using high-quality parts, our systems are designed to be your valuable 'silent employee' by doing their job of picking up oil day after day, year after year with virtually no supervision or maintenance.

When problems arise concerning oil removal from wastewater, it is nice to know you are dealing with a company whose personnel have seen and solved thousands of applications across all industries.

  • Manufactures high quality, efficient and trouble-free oil skimmers with a life span of upwards of 25 years. They are the cost-effective answer to varying environmental requirements regarding oil removal.
  • Is customer-oriented and solution-driven; we have solved thousands of oil skimming problems in numerous industries for over 40 years.
  • Can customize any oil skimming system to solve specific and unique customer issues and requirements by using different materials, size, pick up rate – whatever the job requires, we can supply it.
  • With a worldwide network of factory-trained representatives ready to help you with your oil skimming problems, we can provide a complete, no obligation on-location survey of your skimming needs.
  • Can supply complete turn-key oil skimming systems that include a collection tank, wired control panel, or any other needed features which allow customers to simply place the unit where it’s needed – and turn it on!
  • Offer a complete performance guarantee. If, after 60 days of running our skimmer, you do not feel that it is performing to your satisfaction you can contact a representative to come in and examine the skimmer application for possible corrections. If there are no possible corrections, or if you are still dissatisfied with the performance of your skimmer, we welcome you to ship it back for a full refund of the purchase price.


Industries as diverse as steel, biodiesel, manufacturing, food processing, trucking service industries, wastewater treatment and utility – all face a simple, common problem: oily water.

Where water is used extensively at some point along the production process, either in cooling machinery, washing down equipment or playing a crucial part in the manufacturing process, problems occur when water picks up oil. And, regardless of whether the facility reuses the water or sends it to a city treatment plant, it has to be removed.

Many facilities, however, are not equipped to effectively remove oil.

The Benefits of Oil Skimmers

Tube skimmers from Oil Skimmers, Inc., are designed to quickly remove all types of floating waste oils, greases and fats from water surfaces, resulting in:

  • Improved product quality
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Improved water treatment efficiency
  • Addressing environmental concerns
  • Skimmed oils that have value

Manufacturing A Better Finished Product – Improved Product Quality

During the manufacturing process there are several points where oil contamination may become a problem.

When washing or machining parts, tramp oil will get into the wash water or coolant solution. Since this solution is continuously reused there is an increased possibility of oil being deposited onto the parts. This film in turn hinders the finishing process and mars the product surface. Oil skimming removes tramp oil and results in a cleaner product better prepared for painting, plating or other finishing.

Increased Production Efficiency

In addition to improved product quality, the continuous removal of oil from process fluids increases the life of the fluid resulting in:

  • Reduced cost to recharge wash and machining solutions
  • Decrease water bills
  • Reduced Disposal costs
  • Reduced maintenance cost associated with changing the solution

Oil skimmers additionally increase filter life by eliminating oil that blinds the filter, causing premature changing. They prolong the life of your filters, further reducing operating costs by lengthening the time between changing. Oil Skimming makes the manufacturing process cleaner, more economical, efficient and cost-effective.

Improved Water Treatment Efficiency

  • Oil skimmers are an excellent means to primary treatment of waste water prior to discharge into public sewers or waterways or in house treatment.
  • Treating waste water can be expensive, Oil skimmers, however, quickly, easily and efficiently skim out oils, sludge and other greasy residues, thus reducing the cost of expensive chemicals used to treat the water.
  • Removing oil from waste water also means preserving the life of delicate probes and PH sensors. Skimming keeps sensitive equipment from getting coated with oil, reducing treatment plant maintenance costs.
  • Oil skimmers additionally increase the life of water treatment filters by eliminating oil that blinds the filter, causing premature changing. They prolong the life of your filters, further reducing operating costs by lengthening the time between changing. Also the disposal costs associated with the filters is reduced.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

  • Oil Skimmers are ideal sentries to guard against the release of oil because they can operate 24 hours a day, picking up oil and not water. Plus they may be made mobile, quickly moving to any location for a fast oil recovery response.
  • Floating tube oil skimmers are an excellent means to clean water prior to discharge into public sewers or waterways to help meet federal and local environmental standards and reduce or eliminate sewers surcharges.
  • Oil skimming is an effective and environmentally friendly option, and is cost-effective and efficient at removing oily waste from water.
  • Skimming, along with water conservation, leads to generating less pollution and leads to more effective treatment of wastewater.

Skimmed Oils Have Value

  • Often the oily waste our oil skimmers remove has a significant dollar value.
  • Recovered oils are often reused in the manufacturing process. For example, in oil refineries it is not uncommon for the waste oil to be skimmed, held in collection tanks and returned for reuse during the process cycle, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • In addition, the skimmed oil in certain food processing facilities can also be sold to rendering plants or bio-diesel manufacturers, resulting in companies generating a profit from waste oil.
  • Recovered oil from skimming can also be collected and resold for use in other manufacturing processes, including asphalt production or fuel oil.


Tube oil skimmers are designed to ensure consistent, even operation, regardless of the application. And when it comes to performance, tube skimmers consistently out-perform any other types of skimmers.

Tube oil skimmers run on a simple concept: continuously remove oil from the surface of the water using a closed-loop tube that floats on the surface of the water, attracting the floating oil or grease.

Oil adheres to the outside of the closed looped tube, which is continuously driven across the separator’s surface and through a set of scrapers that remove the oil, which is then drained into a collection tank.

Tube skimmers can efficiently remove all petroleum-based oil, fats, greases and oily wastes as well as animal and vegetable oils that float on the surface of water. Other skimmers can get clogged with floating debris, which creates an oily dam, preventing them from picking up oil and grease. However, tube skimmers have the ability to snake over, under and through debris to continuously pick up oil.

Floating tube oil skimmers are a practical solution, as they are:

  • Flexible and versatile. Skimmers are capable of removing oils, grease and floating sludge from a variety of containment systems, and can be adapted to any number of applications. These can range from small indoor tanks and sumps to large outdoor basins and ponds. The tube skimmers can extend as far as 16 feet, and when equipped with a balanced boom system, can move around as desired for maximum portability, eliminating the need for expensive bridging or foundations - OR - can be mounted directly over top of a sump or manway opening.
  • Easy to install. Tube skimmers provide pre-fabricated mounting systems that provide easy, economical installation.
  • Low maintenance. Due to simplicity of design, and rugged construction tube skimmers are not susceptible to clogging and parts maintenance problems of other types of systems.
  • Not effected by level Fluctuation. The free collector tube floats up and down with the liquid level.
  • Working Parts Out of the Liquid. Parts are away from and out of the water for safe, easy access.
  • Dedicated to quality. Skimmers are made with high-abrasion-resistant ceramics and high-strength steel and bronze.
    Quality parts means fewer service calls, for less downtime and fewer maintenance costs.
  • Less costly to use. Skimmers can be unattended and left to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No operators or additional manpower is required attend to a tube skimmer.
  • Efficient. The collector tube picks up oil and not water, which means your storage tanks are full of oil, not water.