O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd

O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd

O.Kay Engineering is the UK’s leading supplier of design-and-build waste processing plants and custom conveyors. Opened in 1950, our company has always designed and built its own quality machines and we have always offered them with exceptional friendly service because, 63 years after we first opened our doors, we are still a wholly-owned family business. In 2010 we moved to a brand new 3,000m² combined design house and factory in Northamptonshire and it is here that our passion for innovation and our love of quality combine to create our extensive range of custom-made conveyors and processing plants. We have 50 design engineers, factory engineers and site engineers meaning we have the experience and resources to offer customers tailored solutions for their exact requirement. O.Kay Engineering has gone on to build tens of thousands of conveyors for the UK, across Europe, and is now one of the world’s best conveyor manufacturers.

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Eagle Avenue Magnetic Park , Desborough , Northamptonshire NN14 2WD United Kingdom
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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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To that end, we work with the customer on every project to ensure our solutions match the available budget, footprint and future operational requirements.  We also underwrite every project with a set of performance guarantees to ensure every customer is fully protected.

As family business that designs, builds, installs and supports its own equipment, we believe we are the unique choice for anyone wanting a guaranteed, problem-free waste processing solution.  We believe we can demonstrate our difference through:

  • Our fundamental belief in quality;
  • The control we have over our product;
  • The proven long-life of our machines and plants;
  • The performance guarantees we offer with each machine/plant;
  • The household names we have on our repeat-business reference list.

We believe we offer customers the best overall value.

Our mission is to be the most helpful, innovative and cost-effective Engineering company on the planet providing high-performance waste processing technology and materials handling equipment.

We will solve the operational problems of our customers with brilliant and bespoke solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and their businesses more successful.

We will achieve this by investing in our design house so it continues to lead the way in product development and by investing in our production facility to ensure we remain a frontrunner in British manufacturing.  Together, our design and manufacturing facilities will continue to produce equipment that offers our customers the best overall value through highest plant availability, longest machine life, the most efficient design and the most flexible plant operation.

For our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate, we will also strive to ensure opportunities for personal growth, improved co-working and shared life enrichment.

And in everything we do, we will act with honesty, fairness and integrity.

Lastly, we will always remember that our customers make everything we do possible and, in return, we will make everything we do beneficial to them.

Our products work: O.Kay Engineering produces machines and plants that work from start-up to the highest availability and offer the longest life in the market.

We have the experience: With over 60 years’ field experience, we offer proven and trusted expertise across all types of waste processing technology.

We have a matchless reputation: Most of the UK’s best waste management companies as well as numerous household brand names have repeatedly chosen O.Kay Engineering, which shows the on-going success of our brand and our installations.

Our solutions are innovative AND guaranteed: We have created an integrated point of supply for design-and-build solutions, and our solutions are always innovative, customised, cost-effective and guaranteed.

We offer best overall value: We believe in quality, and it is the affordable quality of our equipment that makes it the most cost-effective in the market.

Our business was named after our founder Oates Kay (who was himself named after the heroic Captain Oates of the Antarctic).

Oates opened the doors to his company in 1950 calling it O.Kay Engineering Services Ltd. He started the company because he was an engineer filled with big dreams and an entrepreneur’s spirit.  He had served with the RAF Engineers during the war and then worked as area manager for Evans Lifts (now Otis).

In 1950, he opened a general fabrication unit and manufactured various parts and machines for customers.  Very quickly he made his reputation for producing robust products of dependable quality. As word spread, Dewsbury Council got in touch to see if Oates would build them a conveyor to feed a Powell baler for their salvage (or waste, as it is better known today).

This, though no one knew it at the time, was a defining moment in our company history.

The conveyor Oates built them was so well-received by Dewsbury Council that their neighbours, Wakefield Council, contacted him immediately to say they too would like one.  Soon after, Judd Brothers of Glasgow and Walsend ordered one each for their two branches.  And so a legend was born.

Oates went on to become a well-known figure in the world of waste handling.  He was a man of great humour and, away from work, loved fishing and entertaining.  His wife, Alice, could make any one smile within minutes of meeting her.  Together they grew the company so that it came to offer a full range of conveyors to a growing set of customers including local authorities, paper merchants, paper and board mills, printers and the waste market.

When Oates died in 1975, the church was too full to accommodate all the customers, suppliers, friends and family who came to pay their respects to a much loved and respected man.

But, for O.Kay Engineering, it was only the beginning and, under the stewardship of Oates’s son, Robin Kay, who took over in 1975, it took its first steps into process engineering and becoming a major plant builder.