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  • Olfasense - Environmental software products

    Olfasense develops software products to facilitate and enrich odour measurement procedures, as well as for odour control and odour complaint management.

  • Ortelium - Odour complaints management

    Ortelium - Odour complaints management

    If a site that you manage – or that’s within your area of responsibility – emits unpleasant odours, it may affect local residents. No operator or regulator can control whether conflict will develop as a result – but, thanks to Ortelium, you can make sure that residents feel listened to if they decide to register a complaint. Ortelium is an innovative, web-based communication platform that plant operators, citizens and authorities can easily engage...

  • Ortelium - Real time dispersion modelling and odour impact analysis

    Ortelium - Real time dispersion modelling and odour impact analysis

    Combining accurate meteorological data with the knowledge about the emitted odour from your site’s source(s), Ortelium calculates and visualizes the dispersion of your emissions on a digital map in order to monitor and forecast possible impacts of your operations. Ortelium warns you once a defined monitoring area (e.g. neighbourhood) is expected to be impacted by your emissions and complaint situations are likely to occur. With the system you learn...

  • Ortelium - Field inspection management

    Ortelium - Field inspection management

    The Ortelium – Field inspection manager (OFIM) was developed especially for the needs of laboratories performing field inspection projects. So you’ll be pleased to know that it’s fully compliant with the VDI 3940 and prEN 16841-1 guideline and serves as a central platform for your field inspection projects. Using Web 2.0 state-of-the-art technology, the OFIM offers powerful tools that can save you valuable time and effort while also increasing the...