O.M.A.R. Group was founded in 1978 with the chief object of becoming a main company for the sector of technologies for air treatment. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in this sector, today O.M.A.R. represents one of the main italian leading companies in the development and production of Industrial air cleaning and dust extractor plants for the abatement of pollutant susbtances.

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Via Marmolada,2 Z.I Nord , Spresiano , Treviso 31027 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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O.M.A.R. Group was founded in 1978 with the chief object of becoming a main company for the sector of technologies for air treatment. Thanks to more than 35 years of experience in this sector, today O.M.A.R. represents one of the main italian leading companies in the development  and production of  Industrial air cleaning and dust extractor plants for the abatement of pollutant susbtances.

Thanks to the two main internal Business Units, Engineering and Production, we are able to offer a full suite of turnkey services and solutions   that guarantee, to each single customer, the development and management in punctual way of all the life cycle of the plant; this thanks to our staff of professionals and above all to a consolidated esxperience in  almost all the industrial sectors.

O.M.A.R. everything for AIR Treatment:

Who we like to be:
To be specialized in the air treatment and cleaning, developing air cleaning and dust extractor plants in standard and turnkey solutions, according to the customer needs.

What we can do:
Thanks to our strong experience, we know very well how to produce dry, wet and biological air abatement systems, for the purification of smells, fumes and oily fogs caused by the materials' transformation in almost all the industrial sectors.

What is our Leadership:
We are leader in the production of sleeves filters, cartridge filters, pocket filters, electrostatic filter, cyclone filter, Scrubber with single, double or triple stage, hydro cyclones, active carbons filter, demister for oily fogs,heat exchanger, besides of a large range of pre-abatement solutions and accessories for all the air extraction process.

How we like working:
Developing your turnkey air cleaning and dust extraction plants with first quality material, Inox Steel, Corten A, Hardox, Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Plastic materials, in order to build your successful plant.

O.M.A.R. company, founded in 1978 from the idea of beeing active for the cleaning of working environements and developed with the contribution of partners, today is one of the leader companies in the sector of industrial air cleaning and dust extraction plants for the abatement of the pollutant substances.

The continuous development of new technologies stimulates us to a more important engagement  in the future.


Safety of work
Respect for the environment
A better world

  • Development of all the plants following very strictly the safety rules for all the personnel
  • Respect of the Healt and Safety Plan and of the prevention of accidents during the assembly and life cycle of the plant.
  • Development of the plants maintaining as main aim the control of emissions of pollutant substances inside and outside the workplace in full obedience of the European rules in force and of the personnel  preservation
  • Our professional consciousness toward a better world taking care of your workplace and of the quality of the air that surrounds us

During the years of its activity, O.M.A.R. has deeply changed the method and philosophy in the treatment of the pollutant subtstances. Due to the changes of typologies of the substances, O.M.A.R. has acquired a strong knowledge not only about the air treatment, but also about the abatement of the chemical substances that today are more and more present in the pollutant substances.


  • A several years' experience that since more than 35 years allows us to satisfy all the needs of our customers (more than 2.000) maintaining our professional engagement in all the world.
  • The presence of two Business Units (Engineering - Production) that allow us to know perfectly the industrial processes and to offer highly qualitative custom-made solutions .
  • Development of all the plants following very strictly the safety rules for all the personnel, maintaining as main objective the control of the emissions of the pollutant substances inside and outside the workplace in full obedience of the European rules in force.
  • Company certification and full respect of the rules concerning the safety on work ISO 9001.
  • Development of all the plants following the ATEX rule in the cases with explosion risk.
  • Our capacity to follow the customer in all the life cycle of the plant, from the analysis to the planning, from the production and installation to the after-sale. (PCLM)
  • The experience born and transformed in time, to pass from the technologies of treatment of the dusts to the technologies of abatement of the gases with chemical substances (Dioxines, Nox, Sox, HCL, HF).
  • A strong and highly flexible productive capacity that allows us to develop and produce different abatement solutions in dry, wet and biological way.

O.M.A.R. Group has a full range of services designed around the life cycle of the plant and therefore they include: single analysis of the needs, custom-made planning, highly qualified production and assembly of first quality.

All this is guarantee from our internal Business Units.


  • Systems of Autocad and Inventor for the plants' planning with automated system for the production lines.
  • System of PDM for the management, planning and production of the order.
  • Expert and dynamic group of engineers, highly cooperative for the quotations and sales areas.
  • Very high Know-how in the solution of the planning problems.


  • More than 50 operators involved in the production processes.
  • Management of the production orders automated with advanced management systems.
  • Warehouse area for the finished products and spare parts.
  • Internal technical staff for the assembly and task force for the assistance.

O.M.A.R. GROUP has obtained the quality certification ISO 9001 and the qualification certificate SOA OS14, an additional guarantee for all the customers that choose the professional competence and the efficiency of O.M.A.R.

O.M.A.R. is a company able to guarantee the global quality of the production and of the offered services, thanks to the precision in the realization of the requests of each customers, to the employment of qualified materials, to the respect of the rules of the sector and to the company organization.

Thanks to the proven ability, O.M.A.R. GROUP is able to plan and realize solutions that satisfy the needs of the rules in force, perfectly combining production and reduction of the pollution, without forget the importance of the productivity of the customer.