With a combined experience of over 30 years in liquid-solid separation, the Omega Liquid Waste Solutions inc. team of engineers have developed self-cleaning filtering core technologies that thrust mobile equipment used for sewer, septic tank and grease trap cleaning to the next level with the ability to recycle water. OMEGA SG (Septic & Grease) and OMEGA SC (Sewer Cleaner) FILTER SERIES possess state-of-the-art double high-speed counter-rotating self-cleaning technology (patent pending), are resistant to abrasion and will not clog in high grease concentration applications. OMEGA’s best-in-class mechanical liquid-solid separation cores are supported by our experienced team to assist you with the integration of the system to meet your particular design and operation parameters. If you are in the concept stage of new projects, do not hesitate to discuss your application with our experts since our team’s experience extends beyond filtering.

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2170 de la Province , Longueuil , QC J4G 1R7 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

Omega Liquid Waste Solutions, a global player in the filter industry, is dedicated to offering specialized custom engineered solutions including design, integration, installation and commissioning.

With combined experience of over 30 years in liquid-solid separation, our team of engineers have developed state of the art filtering core technologies. This find has thrust industry and mobile equipment used for sewer, septic tank and grease trap cleaning to the next level with the ability to recycle water.

The SC/SG 100 & 200 filter units feature unsurpassed non-clogging performance. Reliable 100 & 200 micron filtration at impressive volumes, managing high levels of particulate, from abrasives to grease sets the system apart. The patented self cleaning Stainless Steel core eliminates the replacement of typical filter medium and screens, while being very low maintenance. In addition, the system can be fitted to existing fleets, eliminating the lions share of the users cost of integration.

Omega has also developed a secondary line of products, namely a Remote Control Power Reel and RPM Management system for the septic industry. Design and build of specialized collection units, both mobile and stationary, round out the company’s offerings.

The self contained, Remote Control Power Hose Reel is another Omega game changer for the industry. Slashing the time spent on the job site, operator fatigue, the possibility of compensation type injury, and the inevitable contact and spillage of septic sludge during manual handling of hoses. The reel protects the hoses, and eliminates them from trays increasing storage keeping the truck much cleaner and presentable. The 270-degree swing radius and the hand held remote control offers the operator complete freedom at the site.

Omega partners with Exprolink, a global player which operates out of a 25,000 sf facility in the greater Montreal area providing parts depot operations that can ship spare parts within 24 hours worldwide. North America offices are located in Montreal & Quebec City (Canada), as well as Las Vegas NV. Sales and support is conducted throughout Europe via seasoned OEM partners..