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OnePak is a cloud-based aggregator and integrator of the logistics services needed to facilitate equipment returns. While online travel sites independently aggregate and query airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, OnePak similarly provides a carrier-neutral, destination-agnostic web platform to navigate the diverse global network of reverse logistics services. Specializing in handling off-lease, end-of-life, repair-needed, or otherwise `not new` equipment, OnePak provides special handling, packing, tracking, and reporting for: Leasing companies, OEMs, Equipment lessees, Remarketers & Recyclers, Anyone who needs to ship something `back. OnePak`s systems coordinate and simplify the services of specialized providers, delivering a convenient, simple, and economical solution for the otherwise complex, fragmented and costly problem of equipment returns.

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56 Main Street, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 130 , Orleans , Massachusetts MA 02653 USA

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Service provider
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Nationally (across the country)
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In the years following the Y2K upgrades, OnePak founder Steve Andon was selling some of his software company's used computers and equipment on eBay. While it was easy to find a buyer online, he realized it was NOT easy to pack and ship the items as they were sold.

'We don't have the original boxes for anything,' he thought. 'There ought to be a web site to order packing and shipping.'

In that moment, OnePak was conceived.

Andon submitted a short proposal to eBay , suggesting they incorporate the ability for other eBay sellers, like himself, to order specialized shipping supply 'kits' when listing items for sale. eBay executives immediately recognized the merit of the proposal, and invited Andon to their offices to collaborate on a business plan.

OnePak was formally incorporated in early 2005, and eBay began offering its shipping solutions as part of the selling process, initially for computers and electronic equipment. Before long, the United States Postal Service found out about OnePak through executive connections at eBay , and soon started offering OnePak solutions on .

A month later one of the world's largest OEMs contacted OnePak, seeking an accountable collection solution for asset recovery and recycling. The rest, as it is said, is history.

Since then, OnePak has evolved into a full-service logistics systems company, but remains focused exclusively on providing shipping solutions for after-market equipment.