Orelis Environnement SAS

Orelis Environnement SAS

Orelis Environnement, based in Salindres (France), is active in the manufacture of high quality membranes in a wide range of industrial applications. The membranes are used for separating particles, and / or molecular elements of a liquid to be purified. We have the widest range of membranes, both in design cut-offs. We customize our range of products according to the request of our customers. We have designed products from laboratory to industrial range. They evolve in order to be closer to the customer requirements. In particular, we created a new design module, the K03 flanged, it is in the intermediate range of pre-industrialization. It is equipped with three ceramic membranes Kleansep to meet the objectives of filtration high temperature, corrosive chemicals, solvents. The Orelis Environnement network, dynamic and worldwide, ensures the quality of services provided to customers wherever they are.

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382, avenue du Moulinas , Salindres , 30340 France
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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Our experts define with you the suitable membrane to your process and your constraints: 'no place, sensitive natural environment, cost per m³ of water, the cost of waste management, environmental compliance' …

We can also provide compact units (pilot deviation) for sale or rental to perform filtering your product in-situ.
The Orelis Environnement's political is essentially oriented of customer satisfaction criteria and continuous improvement of products (membranes, modules, skids) and services (customer focus, after-sales service, advice and expertise processes).

In the 70s, Orelis Environnement develops and sales the first membrane bio-reactor with external loop technology with flat membranes, Pleiade® brand.
During its existence, Orelis Environnement participated in numerous developments of new technologies such as nanofiltration membrane, the coupling membrane / hyper oxidation, treatment of emulsions, the recycling of waste within processes.

Our teams continue to make improvements to fit the needs of our customers and the new standards. Recent developments have enabled the development of Klearsep™ skid, for the filtration of bilge water and MP4®, for the filtration of wastewater of small communities, in compliance with environmental standards.
Many other developments are underway, such as reuse water lagoon and the development of membrane contactors.

Orelis Environnement conducts the majority of its turnover from exports. In 2012, our subsidiary, Orelis China, opened in Shanghai. Moreover, this year in April, our subsidiary Orelis North America has been created in Alberta (Canada).