ORTECH is Canada’s leading atmospheric science consulting firm providing technology based consulting services and expertise in environmental science and engineering to government, industrial, and financial organizations. ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, and evaluation with an emphasis on air quality through ORTECH Environmental and an emphasis on renewable energy through ORTECH Power.

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804 Southdown Road , Mississauga , L5J 2Y4 Ontario Canada
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Engineering service provider
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Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)


ORTECH Environmental and ORTECH Power are divisions of ORTECH Consulting Inc. (ORTECH). With offices in Mississauga, Sarnia, and Windsor, Ontario, ORTECH serves clients in the industrial, manufacturing, municipal, and renewable energy sectors throughout North America and beyond.

ORTECH Environmental: We will help you get your facility permitted or compliant from Ontario and Quebec government air quality regulation point of view. We have been assisting clients for 40 years.

ORTECH Power: We help investors buy renewable energy projects and we assist developers in building Wind, Solar and Hydro-electric plants in North America. We specialize in renewable energy due diligence!


ORTECH Environmental is a leader in providing technology-based consulting services and expertise in the fields of environmental science and engineering to government and industrial organizations.

ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, testing, and evaluation, with emphasis on environmental and advanced computation technologies. We can help you with a regulatory compliance issue, dealing with public complaints, products or processes requiring analysis, source sampling and measurement, analytical services, independent audits, peer review, or expert advice and testimony.

Environmental Services

We have conducted literally thousands of comprehensive environmental studies, with active involvement in the design and conduct of air emissions assessments, air quality impact studies, odour assessment, dispersion modelling, control technology evaluations, emission testing, emission inventory preparation, and air quality monitoring studies. Throughout such activities, specific professional services are provided by staff to help clients meet related environmental management needs with appropriate solutions.

ORTECH has an insight into the specific air pollution issues for most anthropogenic sources, including mobile source contributions, and understands the effectiveness of relevant control measures. As a result, ORTECH has the necessary and unique qualifications to participate in a wide range of projects.


The goal of ORTECH Power is to ensure that our clients receive fair and objective technical assessment of potential investment targets, and that existing facilities are operated and maintained as effectively as possible.
ORTECH Power offers technical due diligence and other services to renewable energy projects under development, construction and operation. We have extensive experience in industrial project permitting, planning, and renewable energy assessment.

In 2000, ORTECH became a founding shareholder of Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC), a wind and water power development company. CREC developed over 600 MW of wind and water power sites, of which over 400 MW is in production today. ORTECH sold its interest in CREC to Canadian Hydro Developers (KHD:TSX) in 2005. ORTECH draws on this experience to advise and assist developers, owners, and financial institutions with technical evaluation and investment decision making. We can provide economical operations and maintenance support services.

Professional services are provided to clients interested in a wide range of renewable energy technologies including wind, water, and solar, as well as biomass and biogas/landfill gas.

ORTECH has engineers, scientists, technicians, and financial analysts with extensive expertise in the following key areas:

Project Development and Construction Services:

  • Due Diligence Services (independent engineers, power purchase agreements)
  • Financial Services (financial analysis, production forecasting, O&M planning, RFP development)
  • Inspection Services (construction certification)
  • Interconnection Services
  • Mergers and Acquisition Services
  • Related Services (odour assessments, biomass and biogas/landfill gas analysis)
  • Planning and Permitting Services (renewable energy approvals, environmental assessments)
  • Project Management Services
  • Renewable Resource Assessment Services (wind resource, hydrology)
  • Technology Assessment Services (vendor reviews, engineering design, risk evaluation)

Post-Construction Operation and Maintenance Services:

  • Financial Services (financial analysis, production back-casting)
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning Services (strategy, budgets, planned maintenance, parts planning)
  • Performance Optimization Services (production verification and enhancement)
  • Inspection Services (end of warranty)
  • Maintenance and Repair Services (routine, reactive, long-term service agreements)

Why Ortech Power
ORTECH has the experience and track record to take your project from conceptual design to operations. Over the past 10 years, our team has had numerous projects through the development process and to construction. In January of this year and after four years of planning, we commissioned the RMS Dalhousie Mountain Wind farm on time and on budget. We are eager to bring this experience to your project.

We understand that your project is at the early development stage and requires serious project management to get to construction in a short period of time. Our team can get this job done. We are based in Ontario and have a deep understanding of Ontario’s permitting and regulatory process. We also have hands-on experience in designing, connecting and constructing projects in Ontario and across Canada. ORTECH is currently a consultant, technical advisor and project manager on over 50 active wind, waterpower and solar development projects in Ontario at various stages of progress.

We have successfully completed renewable energy projects from early development to commercial operation, ranging in size from the $7 million Misema Generating Station our team built in 2004 to the $134 million RMS Dalhousie Mountain Wind Farm which our team recently commissioned in January of 2010.  In 2004, our team was part of the original Joint Venture for the 199.5 MW Melancthon EcoPower Centre when the project won a power purchase agreement with the Ontario government.  Our team carried out all the original land acquisition, permitting and planning for the 197.5 MW Wolfe Island Wind Farm from 2001 until it was sold in 2005.  We are working on over 50 active wind, waterpower and solar development projects in Ontario at various stages of progress.

We go beyond technical project management.
While most engineering project managers focus only on technical aspects, at ORTECH we realize it takes much more to build a renewable energy project. Over the years we have worked side-by-side with legal counsel on negotiating major project contracts, strategically managed public opposition, and conducted comprehensive reviews of financial models with equity sponsors and senior debt providers. We have worked on M&A transactions related to some of the largest wind asset sales in Canada, including Mount Copper Wind Farm, Pubnico Point Wind Farm and Erie Shores Wind Farm. We were a technical advisor on the $2 billion Airtricity North America transaction. Our senior executives include former lawyers, bankers, developers and business managers. Our team members sit on many of the relevant industry committees and follow the rapidly evolving regulatory framework in a strategic manner. We bring much more than technical project management to our clients.

ORTECH understands that our clients and staff expect that we conduct business in a professional and responsible manner.  We are constantly enhancing policies and procedures that promote Corporate responsibility. The following are examples of some of the ways ORTECH is achieving their goal of being a good Corporate citizen.

  • Accessibility: ORTECH has developed plans and conducted training to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.  For ORTECH's plan for the AODC, click here (If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ortech.ca )
  • Health and Safety:  ORTECH, through a joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, actively reviews policies and programs including compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act,
  • ORTECH participates in several industrial health and safety programs managed by third party providers such as PICS, BROWZ, ISNetWorld etc,
  • Environmental Programs:  ORTECH is active in managing its Environmental Compliance Approval, Waste Management programs, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency programs,
  • Policies and Procedures: ORTECH believes in a safe working environment, free of violence, harassment, corruption and bribery.  ORTECH has strong policies regarding these and other practices and regularly educates staff on policies and procedures such as Drug and Alcohol, Confidentiality and Project Management,  and
  • Giving Back: Over the last 5 years, ORTECH has donated unwrapped gifts to the CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish, ORTECHs’ charity of choice.