Osprey Scientific Inc.

Osprey Scientific Inc.

Osprey Scientific Inc. provides monitoring and sampling solutions to clients in the areas of environmental, oil and gas, toxicity, industrial hygiene, worker`s safety, and laboratory analysis. Products include soil and groundwater sampling devices, inorganic and organic test kits, water monitoring instruments, TPH monitoring systems, drilling mud analysis, waste characterizing, Microtox testing, etc. Products vary from quick and dirty test kits to accurate and precise field and lab measurements to assist you with making the right decisions to evaluate and protect the environment and human health.

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100, 18130-105 Avenue , Edmonton, , AB T5S 2T4 Canada
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Environmental Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)
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Osprey Scientific Inc. was incorporated in 1994 to provide technology that would allow our clients to collect and measure contamination and background environmental conditions in order to make real time decisions in the field or the lab.

Our client base has since expanded to include consulting and engineering firms, oil and gas companies, waste collection companies, various levels and departments of Government organizations and industrial hygiene consultants.

To accommodate our growing client needs our staff has grown to include technical service, customer support and a larger warehousing department.

Our staff knowledge is well rounded by having persons trained in Chemical Technology, Environmental Sciences, B.Sc. (Chemistry) and M.Sc (Chemistry) to help answer all of your questions.

What does Osprey Scientific Inc do?

  • We provide solutions for measuring specific parameters in the field or the lab to make real time decisions.
  • We train clients on the applications of equipment including the limitations as well as the advantages of a particular technology.
  • We provide standards for calibration and training on the operation of equipment so a client can use the equipment effectively.
  • We advise our clients to use the best technology to do a particular job, including parameter selection, range of concentration, ease of use and various interferences.
  • We provide repair, rental and training services for most of the technology we represent.
  • We specialize in the areas of water quality, toxicity, gas monitoring for personal safety and site evaluation, environmental assessment and remediation measurements, waste characterization and food safety.

Corporate Mission
Our mission at Osprey Scientific Inc. is to provide the right technical solutions to meet our customer's specific sampling and measurement needs to ensure their data quality objectives are met.

Corporate Vision
Our vision at Osprey Scientific Inc. is to be recognized as one of the leading scientific distribution companies in Canada who is recognized as a leader in technological knowledge.

Corporate Purpose
Our purpose at Osprey Scientific Inc. is to provide quality products and services to our customers by representing the technology of our manufactures in a supportive and professional manner at all times, using their guidelines.

At Osprey Scientific we feel that understanding what our customers do is one the most important factors in serving them effectively. We want to know your industry, your function within that industry and the application of your services so we can better assist you in meeting your data quality objectives with the right technology.

Our technical staff will review your needs and take the time to match the right product to provide you with the measurement requirements that you need to complete your work.

We are committed to serving you with clear and concise information whether that is a simple test kit for waste water quality or an immunoassay system to measure down to ppb levels of priority pollutants in groundwater. Our team is here to serve and support your technology needs in most matrixes including water, soil, air or waste.