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OTI Greentech, is a leading international cleantech engineering group based in Switzerland. OTI Greentech provides sustainable solutions in cleaning, recovery and waste management of oil in a variety of applications. These include: cleaning products for tanks, ships, and industrial machinery; oil based sludge treatment; land remediation; processing and enhanced recovery of oil and associated services. OTI Greentech’s patented technology was recently recognized as a cleantech driver in waste management by the German Cleantech Institute (DCTI) as having game changing potential.

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Potsdamer Platz 1 (7.OG) , Berlin , 10785 Switzerland

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Globally (various continents)
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OTI Greentech AG is leading international CleanTech engineering group with its headquarters in Germany. Operational subsidiaries are located in Switzerland (OTI), Norway (VTT Maritime and RADA Engineering & Consulting) and in Italy (Uniservice Global).

Products & Service

OTI Greentech offers environmentally-friendly solutions for the cleaning, recovery and disposal of oil in a range of applications. This includes cleaning of tanks, ships and industrial machinery, the recovery of oil from oil sands, land remediation and the recovery of oil form conventional and non-conventional oil resources. The patented technology was awarded with the „Cleantech Driver“ status by the German Cleantech Institute (DCTI).

Our subsididary Uniservice Global offers to the global shipping industry a full range of chemicals (including OTI Greentech‘s ECOLSOLUT product range), Firefighting, Rescue & Safety products. This offering is supplemented by a professional „supercargo“ service.

Our subsidiary VTT Maritime offers Maritime Engineering, Technical Inspections and Verifications, as well as project management for complex Maritime Operations.

Our subsidiary RADA Engineering & Consulting offers engineering services and know how, inlcuding for complex infrastructure projects.


Over the past years, OTI Greentech has built a network of distributors and sales agents. In the Martime sector OTI Greentech, via its joint venture with UniService, one of the world’s largest providers of chemicals to the global shipping industry, has access to customers and stocking facilities world-wide.

Our products are currently stocked in major ports around the world, including Rotterdam, Houston, Ulsan (South Korea), Sharjah (UAE) and Singapore. Pursuant to the exclusive distributorship agreement, the new joint venture, Uniservice Global AG, will be OTI Greentech's sole customer and distributor in the Maritime sector.

In the other market sectors, OTI Greentech is working with Brenntag, the leading global chemicals blender and distributor, in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Canada and the US. In addition, OTI Greentech has its own team of business development managers and sales agents.

In the Industrial and Energy sectors, the sale of the products is accompanied by the technical and R&D support and services.


OTI Greentech has outsourced production of its ECOSOLUT range to Brenntag Germany, part of the global Brenntag Group, one of the world’s leading chemical distributors. The Brenntag group offers blending facilities in more than 70 countries globally. This allows OTI Greentech to quickly blend locally. The raw material components for the blending of OTI Greentech products are readily available can be sourced quickly in large quantities enabling us to produce large quantities on short notice.

Our Mission

OAn internationally active CleanTech company providing its customers with environmentally-friendly engineering services, as well as sustainable products and services in the Martime, Energy and Industrial sectors.

Our Vision

Sustainability guides us in all of our actions – from our product offering to our business processes. Our customers are our highest priority. Our focus guarantees highest quality standards with all our products and services. Our shareholders invest in long-term growth. Through their networks, experience and know-how they contribute actively to the improvement and expansion of our value creation chain.

OTI Greentech is a leading international CleanTech company. Our economic success is based on the principles of environmentally-friendly and socially responsible actions. Core values within the corporate culture include issues like human rights, rights in the workplace, environmental protection and fighting corruption. Economic, environmental and social sustainability is a prerequisite for promoting global progress and stability.

Integrity and honesty take a key role in our company. All our stakeholders including customers, investors, suppliers, business partners and employees in particular rely on the continuous alignment of our actions to the highest standards.

The principles described below specify the expectations and standards prevailing in our daily business, and are equally binding for the board of directors, shareholders, partners and employees in all positions, countries and offices.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

  • OTI Greentech is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and internal guidelines, on a local, national and international level.

Human Rights

  • OTI Greentech is committed to the compliance with laws and rules in furtherance of human rights.
  • Greentech OTI rejects any form of forced and child labour.
  • OTI Greentech ensures fair working conditions, minimum wages and compliance with other labour regulations.
  • OTI Greentech acknowledges the rights of freedom of its employees and the right to collective bargaining.
  • OTI Greentech rejects any form of exploitation or discrimination. In addition, OTI Greentech employs physically impaired persons.

Work Environment

  • OTI Greentech respects the human dignity, privacy and the personal rights of its employees and does not tolerate discriminatory behaviour toward employees, customers or contractors.
  • OTI Greentech is committed to equal opportunities and promotes the talent and know-how of its employees; it furthermore encourages the full use of their creativity, innovation and achievement potential.

Health & Job Safety

  • OTI Greentech complies with all laws and regulations concerning health and safety in the workplace. Accordingly, OTI Greentech revises and continuously improves safety standards with its partners.
  • Greentech OTI ensures the availability of appropriate procedures and safeguards in order to ensure health and safety at the workplace.

Environmental Protection

  • OTI Greentech commits itself to support a precautionary approach on environmental issues; this is especially effective for the responsible use and procurement of natural resources in the manufacturing and distribution of our products and services. That is why OTI Greentech pays attention to responsible consumption of all natural resources.
  • When developing new products and technologies OTI Greentech consistently takes environmental aspects into account.

Product Safety

  • OTI Greentech develops and produces safe, flawless products and services of high quality and sees itself as a long-term partner for its customers. Products or services must not contain defects or hazardous characteristics which might cause health impairment or harm the property of third parties.
  • OTI Greentech does not use any deliberatly misleading statements about in the marketing of its products and services.

Data Protection

  • OTI Greentech is committed in the handling of confidential information about the company, products and services, and other sensitive data of all stakeholders to protect it from unauthorized disclosure and misuse. This applies in particular to the protection of intellectual property rights in the creation, development, transfer, licensing and sale of products and services.

Financial Integrity

  • OTI Greentech is committed to the responsible use of corporate property of any kind. Corporate assets are to be used exclusively for the intended business purposes. Misuse for other, especially improper personal, illegal or other unauthorized purposes is prohibited.

Insider Trading, Fraud and Corruption

  • OTI Greentech is committed to a strict prohibition of insider trading, fraud and all forms of corruption including extortion and bribery. This principle is well established in the company policy. Accordingly, OTI Greentech submits its business to strict ethical standards. Compliance with national laws and internal company guidelines are reviewed by the legal department of the company.

 Our applications are efficient in- and ex-situ solutions. We address the specific needs of our clients’ requirements and comply with the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations of oil companies, terminals, rigs, refineries and other industrial clients. Our applications are typically cost efficient, more effective, offer higher employee safety and faster degasification (up to 80%) and oil recovery of over 92%.

Cleaning Applications:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Oil and Chemical Tanker Cleaning
  • Industrial Machine and Component Cleaning

Environmental Solutions:

  • Land Remediation
  • Sludge and Slop Processing
  • Oil Binding


  • Oil recovery through improved oil/sand separation 
  • Dewatering of crude oils
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Wellbore cleaning (e.g. cementing pre-flush)
  • Drill fluid to improve water wet-ability of rock surface