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At OverVerde Ltd, we are striving to become the leader in the provision of innovative, high quality aeration equipment and enhanced natural wastewater treatment systems, including the supply of associated consumables and maintenance packages. We are providing financially and environmentally sustainable solutions to the treatment of water and wastewater. Where possible Oververde integrate eco-technology and alternative energy concepts to provide our customers with low OPEX and sustainable solutions for water and waste water treatment. Examples of our innovative technologies include solar/wind powered surface aerator mixers, solar/wind power banks for supplying energy to remote and off-grid water and waste water treatment such as reverse osmosis units, `plug`n`play containerised constructed wetlands and in-vessel composting units for the bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils etc.

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Unit 33 Alvis Road, Sandycroft , Deeside , CH5 2QB United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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“Oververde, enhancing and accelerating natural processes through technology”

Company Background

Oververde Ltd is a company headed by systems designers and treatment technology specialists. The company started in July of 2014 after it’s sister company Overwrought Engineering Ltd, was approached by a multinational waste management company who were experiencing process problems with their wastewater treatment systems.

After consultation with the customer, the need for a combined active aeration and circulation unit was identified. Our design and engineering team reacted by developing an efficient and effective system to drive the biological treatment plants without de-stabilising the distinct layers of microbes that were crucial in the stepped treatment process.

It quickly became apparent that this aerator/mixer could be a very useful addition for the use in facultative lagoons, aquaculture, water bodies that require de-stratification, etc. What also became apparent was the lack of suitable and cost effective technologies to drive and improve the aerobic biological processes involved in the water and soil contamination treatment, potable water and aquaculture sectors.

Our Vision

Oververde Ltd to become the leader in the provision of nature based water, wastewater and contaminated soil treatment and remediation systems.