Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd.

Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd.

Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou Dongpu Industrial Zone, the capital of China`s “pump and valve”. It covers an area of 18,000 square meters and has a construction area of 10,500 squaremeters. It has more than 460 employees, including 52 engineers and technicians. The company is a modern enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales. It has a complete quality management system and a superb research team. It constantly introduces new products and technologies in the pump industry. The products have the advantages of high technical content, complete specifications and reliable quality.

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Qingfeng Road (Pacific Industrial Park), Dongpu Industrial Zone , Wenzhou , Zhejiang Province 325105 China

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

The company has passed the ISO9001:2009 international quality system certification and obtained the national industrial product production license. The products have been tested by authoritative organizations and all meet the requirements. The company's main product lines are: sewage pump, submersible pump, centrifugal pump, pipeline pump, air conditioning pump, fire pump, chemical oil pump and pump electrical complete equipment. The current product has 42 series, more than 540 varieties, more than 2,600 specifications. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, power generation, heat, urban construction, sewage treatment, fire protection facilities, centralized heating, agricultural irrigation and drainage industries.

Based on the enterprise tenet of “not seeking the biggest, only seeking the best, technology first, sincere dedication”, the company will provide energy-saving, efficient and high-quality pump products and complete sets of equipment for all users. Can provide users with consulting, installation, maintenance, spare parts and other services, but also can design and manufacture various types of special requirements, non-standard pump products according to user requirements. Welcome to contact us.

Pacific Pump Industry Group Co., Ltd. is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province in the northeast of Zhejiang Province. It is adjacent to the East China Sea and borders Wenzhou City across the river. As an important part of Yongjia's golden industrial economic belt along the Yangtze River, the rapid rise of its pump and valve industry is called “the hometown of Chinese pump and valve”, and at the same time it is recognized as the country by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology with its huge development potential. The Torch Program features a base. With the further development of the pump and valve industry, “Hometown of Pumps and Valves in China” is likely to become an international pump and valve production base.

Throughout the development process of Yongjia pump and valve industry, it has experienced three stages from family industry, secondary business to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Family industry stage (1980-1990). In the early days of reform and opening up, due to the comprehensive revitalization of the national economy, many industrial products experienced a shortage of supply in short supply. Yongjia people seized this historic opportunity, took advantage of the first-mover advantage of the market mechanism, and used simple equipment to set up pump and valve processing enterprises. Formed a situation of the former store and the factory, and every household. The development of enterprises has promoted the formation of professional markets. In 1988, 28 farmers raised RMB 14,000 to establish the first professional valve market in the country – the Weibei Electromechanical Valve Market. Under the influence of the market, the scale of individual and private enterprises and household industrial economy continued to expand. In 1990, the development of pump and valve industry entered a climax of entrepreneurship. The county's pump and valve enterprises developed to more than 800, with an output value of 160 million yuan. Products range from single pipeline pumps to vacuum pumps, magnetic pumps, fuel pumps, vane pumps, sewage pumps, multi-stage pumps and more.

At the same time of the rapid expansion of the development of pump and valve, due to the lack of grooming management and the necessary technical foundation, there has been a situation of chaotic market order such as shoddy and price competition, and for customers in all parts of the country for a long period of time. The bad impression has brought great pressure and severe test to the development of Yongjia pump and valve industry.

The second stage of entrepreneurship (1991 to 1996). In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the pump and valve industry, in 1991, the Yongjia County Party Committee and the county government decided to fully implement the strategy of “Quality County, Famous Brand Development”, and began the second entrepreneurial road of shifting from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement. In the second half of 1991, the first large-scale pump and valve product quality rectification activities were carried out throughout the county, cracking down on the manufacturing and sales of counterfeit and inferior pump and valve products, and actively supporting the development of advantageous enterprises, encouraging enterprises to move from family business to stocks. The development of cooperative operation has shifted from the former shop and the factory to the village industrial area. Through rectification, the production process has been improved, equipped with necessary testing equipment, and the management of the company has been strengthened. The quality of the products has been greatly improved. The number of pump and valve enterprises has been reduced from 800 to 479 before the rectification, with an output value of 204 million. Yuan, the pump and valve industry began to shift from disorderly management to orderly development.

However, with the advent of the knowledge economy, the pace of China's accession to the WTO has accelerated, and the factors such as single product structure, small scale of enterprises, lack of brand, lack of information, and weak technological innovation have gradually become the constraints of Yongjia pump and valve industry. The main obstacle to the development, Yongjia pump and valve industry development faces new challenges.

Innovation and entrepreneurship stage (1997 to the present). In 1997, the Yongjia County Government proposed to vigorously implement technological innovation projects, actively support the development of large-scale enterprises, and strive to create new advantages in industrial development. At the same time, Yongjia County actively implements the strategy of “please come in and go out”, and strive to guide the association and cooperation between industry associations, large enterprises and research institutes, and organize seminars on national industrial development strategies, invite experts to visit and guide Yongjia. Organizational entrepreneurs go out and other forms, accept the radiation of domestic and foreign industry development information and technology, the county's pump and valve enterprises began to develop in the direction of shareholding, group, technology, and export.

Pump and valve products have begun to develop in the direction of large-scale, high-speed, high-parameter, high-reliability, strong corrosion-resistant, mechatronics, program control, group control and monitoring. The products are widely used in Daqing Oilfield, Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Yellow River Xiaolangdi Project, China FAW and other national provinces (cities) key projects, large enterprises and major technical equipment, some products are also exported to Europe, America, Central Asia, In Southeast Asia and other regions, Yongjia has become China's most important pump and valve manufacturing base.

Wenzhou, a seaside city with an infinite economic vitality. In this city where opportunities and challenges coexist, China Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd. came into being here. With more than 20 years of spring and autumn, through advanced technology and sincere cooperation, we are committed to the research and development, design, manufacture and sales of water pumps and motor products. Together with the development and needs of human industry and agricultural production, we will grow and grow together. Pacific Pumps, headquartered in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. The company is about 4 kilometers away from the exit of Yubei Expressway and more than 10 kilometers away from Yongjia Station. The completion of the high-speed rail, Yongtaiwen and Jinliwen highways has brought the Pacific Ocean into the fast lane of rapid development.

Under the leadership of 'Science and Technology First, Pioneering and Innovative, Scientific Development, Sincere Dedication,' under the leadership of Chairman Lin Songding, today's Pacific Pump Group Co., Ltd. has more than 70,000 square meters of modern factory buildings. Nearly 1,000 employees are Yongjia County “Julong Enterprise”, “Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise”, “Yongjia County Famous Brand Enterprise”, “Yongjia County Enterprise Technology R&D Center”, “Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association Vice President Unit” and “National Industrial production license ''Product Energy Conservation Certification', 'Fire 3CF Certification', 'National Compulsory Product Certification' and passed 'ISO9001 Quality Management System', 'CCC', 'CQC' and 'CE'

Pacific Pumps is committed to creating a 'full range of strategic cooperation suppliers of pumps and motors'. We have thousands of pumps and motors, with an annual production capacity of more than 1 million units and an annual output value of several hundred million yuan.

In addition to the traditional excellent products QW series submersible sewage pump, the Pacific pump industry also has WQS light stainless steel casing submersible sewage pump, WQ/QG type double cutter cutting submersible sewage pump, WQ/QGS type triple cutter cutting submersible sewage pump , GW type pipeline sewage pump, LW vertical sewage pump, JYWQ automatic mixing sewage pump, AS type tearing sewage pump, BQS explosion-proof diving sand pump, BQW explosion-proof submersible sewage pump, YW type submersible sewage pump, TPYTS type sewage riser, ISG type pipeline pump, ISW pipeline pump, S type medium open type single stage double suction centrifugal pump, TPOW type medium open volute type single stage double suction centrifugal pump, KTB Type refrigeration air conditioning pump, IS single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump, DL vertical multistage centrifugal pump, GDL vertical multistage pipeline centrifugal pump, TSWA horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, LG type high-rise building multi-stage Feed water pump, CDLF vertical multi-stage stainless steel stamping pump, D-type multi-stage centrifugal pump, XBD fire pump product series, IH type chemical centrifugal pump, WZG type non-negative pressure complete water supply equipment, TPYPS type constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment, TPK type Pump electrical control cabinet.

Pacific pump products are widely used in coal mine drainage, underground sewage, agricultural irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire water supply, domestic water supply, urban construction water and other fields.

Pacific pump industry motor products, YE2 series high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor, YE3 series ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor, YVF2 series three-phase asynchronous variable frequency motor (YVF2 series variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor), reducer Pacific pump industry wide range Application, textile industry, conveyor belt, assembly line, elevator, hydraulic press, mixer and other ancillary equipment. Every step of the production process, every link is the key point to create a boutique.

Pacific Pump Group has internationally advanced manufacturing equipment, and first-class production testing equipment, the introduction of high-precision CNC machine tools, automatic stator wire-bonding machine, motor installation automatic assembly line, automatic installation of water pump, and other sophisticated production equipment. The advanced testing instruments such as the pump factory test system, the motor factory test system and the automatic rotor balance machine are equipped with perfect testing methods to create the superior quality of the Pacific products.

Pacific Pump Group regards technological innovation as the core driving force for enterprise development. It is the soul of Pacific people to develop based on creating valuable products for customers. Focus on technology R & D team building and talent introduction, independent research and development, relying on scientific development, pioneering and innovation has formed an irreplaceable core technical expertise. At present, the Pacific has been established, submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, multi-stage pumps, medium-open pumps, fire pumps, and motor R&D centers. There are nearly 100 professional engineers and technicians, nearly 1,000 employees, and a large number of experienced management. The gathering of sales talents provides an eternal impetus for companies to compete in the international arena. The company has established more than 100 pumps and motor distribution networks throughout the country. Our products are sold all over the world and exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Our products have won high praise and trust from customers with excellent performance and considerate service.

Group concept

  • Solidarity and cooperation is our roots;
  • Integrity and win-win is our essence;
  • Pioneering and enterprising is the driving force for our continuous development;
  • Innovation is our evolving soul;
  • Your satisfaction is our only pursuit.

Group vision

  • The most popular pump manufacturer
  • Constantly listening and satisfying user needs, guiding and surpassing user needs, winning user respect
  • By enhancing the brand image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and win the respect of employees.
  • Promote the healthy development of the pump industry, grow together with partners, and win industry respect
  • Pay attention to corporate responsibility, serve with heart, care for society, give back to society, and win social respect

Group mission

  • Let the pump products make it easy for everyone to improve their living and industrial quality.
  • Bringing products and services like water and electricity into people's lives, bringing convenience and pleasure to people
  • Provide differentiated products and services according to different regions, environments, and different working conditions
  • Create an open and win-win platform and work with partners to build first-class pump products and services

Management philosophy

  • Caring for employee growth
  • Provide employees with a good working environment and incentives
  • Improve employee training system and career development channel, so that employees and enterprises grow up simultaneously
  • Fully respect and trust employees, and constantly guide and encourage them to make them happy

Business philosophy

  • Everything is based on user value


  • Integrity + Aggressive + Cooperation + Innovation