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  • Testing/Research Services

    Testing/Research Services

    The mobile laboratory is capable of evaluating the presence of organic compounds, organic/inorganic sulfides and amines and other compounds to the part per billion / part per million concentration ranges, and provide RESULTS IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES! For a laboratory this is absolutely amazing! Conventional labs take 10 to14 days on normal turnaround and if expedited, can cost 2x or more the standard price. This laboratory is ideal for investigations where...

  • Construction and Maintenance

    Construction and Maintenance

    Pacific Rim is a licensed General Contractor specializing in air treatment. We have over 19 years of satisfied municipal and industrial clients. We work with a team of colleagues and consultants with comparable standing in their area of expertise. We work equally well as a team leader or a team member. We are (where possible) minimally invasive. Our primary goal is to interface smoothly with your productivity. We provide complete design & build...

  • Design Services

    Design Services

    Pacific Rim creates custom solutions that meet specific client needs. When conventional air quality equipment does not resolve your problem, we have the tools to design an innovative cooperative solution that does! We offer you a single source for all phases of your air quality concerns. While some firms try to make the same pre-packaged solution fit everyone, we recognize that not all clients are the same and a forced fit is often not the 'right'...