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Pacific Rim creates custom solutions that meet specific client needs. When conventional air quality equipment does not resolve your problem, we have the tools to design an innovative cooperative solution that does! We offer you a single source for all phases of your air quality concerns. While some firms try to make the same pre-packaged solution fit everyone, we recognize that not all clients are the same and a forced fit is often not the 'right' fit. We take the opposite approach. View advantages and limitations of various abatement options; advantages and limitations.

Pacific Rim takes the time to truly understand YOUR situation and the environmental problem YOU face. We then create a design solution that is the right fit for YOUR business. While we are familiar with conventional technology, we are not limited by what has worked in the past. Pacific Rim is proud to offer a proactive process development laboratory and pilot testing program. Ongoing research gives us the ability to include options in our design package that are not available to other firms, resulting in your ability to meet mandated compliance requirements with a cost effective and comfortable solution that addresses the mandated problem.

Pacific Rim realizes the importance of a GREEN approach to environmental compliance and at the same time never forgets that our clients are in business to make a profit!

How We Do It:

Pacific Rim takes the time to understand the technical aspects of your business. This allows us to create a solution will be the right fit for your operation. We also gather the technical and laboratory data necessary to have a true understanding of your environmental problem.

  • Process Development - Pacific Rim designs solutions that incorporate optimized biological or chemical environments that address problems without excessive equipment and operational costs. Because of our ongoing research and process development our solutions are also GREEN, and abate odors or toxic compounds in ways that are friendly to the environment.
  • Because we are engineers AND scientists, we have the broad technical knowledge required to accurately determine the impact a proposed abatement solution will have on your operation. We accurately address the cost of equipment, operating costs and maintenance requirements in ways that typical firms cannot offer.

We Provide A Complete Package:

  • Meet with regulatory agencies to develop a plan that is fair to YOU.
  • Investigative testing using a mobile laboratory to accurately assess the odor, particulate or toxic compound problem.
  • Accurate study of site conditions by persons trained in architecture, construction and municipal code requirements.
  • Air Modeling using EPA approved methodology and other tools to optimize equipment sizing and Permit to Operate parameters.
  • Total equipment design package including site development and automated control, provided through plans and specifications that can be used for competitive bidding.
  • Project management and startup at completion of construction.

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