Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG has specialised in the development and production of solutions for aerosols and spray systems since 1965. Today, we are the technology leader and provide our customers with a highly personalised service. When the aerosol conquered the market in developed countries, Pamasol was one of the first companies to specialise in the development, production and sale of filling and sealing machines for aerosols and spray systems. Born out of its founder Willi Mäder’s fascination for technology and innovation, the company has become the world technology leader in the development and production of first-class solutions.

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Driesbüelstrasse 2 , Pfäffikon , CH-8808 Switzerland
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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)
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With a view to guaranteeing the highest possible quality, we have always developed and produced everything at our site in Pfäffikon. We support our customers from start to finish, from the initial idea through commissioning to the training of their staff. Following commissioning we are at our customers’ disposal with quick service and expert advice.

Our 160 highly qualified employees are fascinated by precision, quality and technological systems. Regardless of whether lathe operator, accountant or development engineer – each and every one of them stands for Swiss quality at its best.


Founding of the Brothers Mäder association

The story of our success begins with the manufacture of mechanical parts for the Swiss machine industry.


First aerosol machine

With our team of eight employees, we start with the construction of the first aerosol machine.


Pamasol fully dedicates itself to the aerosol industry

From now on, we focus exclusively on the aerosol market and start building pumps. The first mixing pump is constructed in the same year, attracting great interest at the Achema trade fair. Shortly thereafter, it becomes the best-selling machine of the year.
To pass its knowledge on to the next generation, Pamasol starts training apprentices.


Founding of Pamasol Willi Mäder AG

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG is founded.
We now have a total of 30 employees, including 5 apprentices


Additional milestone in innovation

We develop and sell the first rotary machines.
This makes it possible for us to fill 80 to 100 cans per minute – a milestone.


Construction of new headquarters

Six years after the company’s foundation, we extend our headquarters, adding a new building. This makes it possible for us to continue to manufacture everything in our own works.


Pamasol hits three figures

Nearly 12 years after the company’s foundation, we are delighted to welcome our 100th employee.


Conversion to alternative propellants

In the 1980s, the aerosol industry renounces the use of CFCs as propellants (except for a small number of medical products such as asthma sprays). In order to be able to safely and efficiently process the alternative propellants, such as CO2, nitrogen and propane-butane, we develop additional innovative filling techniques in cooperation with our customers.


Pamasol reaches a speed of 600

A record - 10 cans per second!
Pamasol machines fill up to 600 cans per minute.


Construction of production facilities

Pamasol has grown organically over the years. In order to meet the company’s increasing space requirements, the production and assembly areas are expanded to twice their size. We continue to manufacture everything in our own works in Pfäffikon (Schwyz).


Construction of office building

The growth in recent years is reflected in, among other things, the increasing space requirements of the Sales and Engineering departments. The new building provides the required space.


Launch of a new brand identity

With the new brand identity and the words “Swiss Aerosol Solutions” integrated in the logo, we emphasise our Swiss heritage and our expertise as a solutions provider in the aerosol industry even more clearly. The Gyrosol – our brand icon – supplements the logo with its high recognition factor and reflects our values and our commitment in a dynamic element.


Pamasol times 180

Today we are 180 employees, including 30 trainees, who are all proud to continue working with the same passion and fascination as our company founder Willi Mäder.