Par-Kan offers a full line of quality refuse equipment: Front Load, Rear Load, Side Load, Organic Containers plus Pickup Truck mounted Refuse Dumper available with Bayne / Barrel Lifter and Tarp Assembly. All containers are powder coated to prolong the life of your investment.

About Us

Every day our employees manufacture products that help our customers make a world of difference. Each of our Refuse, Grease, Ground Support and Agricultural products help people throughout the world, do important jobs. Our commercial refuse products help Refuse Companies keep the world clean. Our grease containers are used by Rendering Companies, Oil Recycling Companies and Bio-diesel Companies to recycle used cooking oils and motor oils into the important products they produce. Our ground support equipment helps Airline employees move passenger luggage and the US mail everyday. Our agricultural products help Seed Companies determine the quality of harvests, which allows them to produce crops that feed the world. Our products help our customers make the world a better place.


The Par-Kan Company history dates back to 1958, when S.L. Parker started a metal fabricating business known as Parker Industries. Today, Par-Kan Company continues to thrive by implementing the company mission statement started by S.L. Parker some 35 years ago, 'To provide our customers with quality products, when they need them and at a fair price.' In the mid 1960's Parker Industries, serving the agriculture market, was joined by the founder's son, Stephen ('Steve') Parker. In the late 1960's, Parker Industries, using their welding technology and engineering skills, began manufacturing refuse containers under the trade name of 'Par-Kan'.

Parker Industries was sold in 1973 and again in 1985. For a brief period of time in October of 1990 Parker Industries closed operations. However, on November 1, 1990 Stephen Parker, along with a small group of investors, re-opened for business under the name of Par-Kan Company. The plan of new management was to continue the manufacturing of Par-Kan Refuse Equipment, along with the intentions of expanding the company into new markets. In 1992 the Ground Support Equipment division, consisting of equipment to aid the aircraft industry, and a line of Grease Handling Equipment, for the storing of restaurant grease, was added to the company's product line. In 1996 Par-Kan Company added its newest product line, the Grain-Weigh division, which supplies weigh carts for the agriculture industry.

Today, Par-Kan Company continues to thrive by following the founder's motto to constantly strive to satisfy the customers' requirements, by providing quality, value and performance in which they can trust and depend.


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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

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Globally (various continents)

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