Parker Ag Services, LLC

Parker Ag Services, LLC

Parker Ag Services, LLC is a full service biosolids and organics management company serving Colorado. Parker Ag is a family-owned and professionally managed business with its roots firmly set in agriculture and farm management. The company was originally founded as a farm management business in 1988. The owners were raised on family farms in Colorado. Because of this agriculture background, Parker Ag recognizes the value of biosolids and organic resource recycling.

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53036 N Hwy 71 , Limon , Colorado 80828 USA
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Parker Ag’s first foray into biosolids management was its involvement with the land application of biosolids material from New York City to the dryland wheat ground in southeastern Colorado. Parker Ag participated in the development and application of the public outreach and educational aspects of the program, assisted in preparation of detailed site-specific data necessary to achieve regulatory approvals from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and USEPA Region 8, and provided operational services once biosolids from New York reached Colorado. The overwhelming success of the project, both on a local level and nationally, served as a springboard from which Parker Ag developed a local land application business.

In 1993 Parker Ag began our first land application contract. Since that date Parker Ag has expanded from one truck and tanker to a large fleet of semi tractors and land application units. Parker Ag has expanded from the original owner operating the equipment to over fifty employees with contracts in all four corners of the State of Colorado. The original operational base was in Limon, CO, which continues to be the main office today.

Our first remote office was established in Lamar, CO in 1998 to support our land application of New York City biosolids. In the spring of 2001, Parker Ag Services acquired Westvac Environmental of Dillon, CO and opened our second remote office. This acquisition not only provides Parker Ag a local presence in a fast growing region in Colorado it also brought with it an operating compost site which is used locally by Summit County generators to compost biosolids for local mine reclamation.

Parker Ag provides a complete and professional residuals management service. Parker Ag does not commingle any biosolids at the time of application. All application sites are located and permitted by Parker Ag.

Parker Ag provides a turnkey operation that is virtually odor free, clean and non-offensive to either neighbors or the general public. Furthermore, our program is managed in a manner that is truly acceptable to the farmer and the agricultural community in general.

The equipment used meets or exceeds all operational, safety and insurance standards as set forth by the industry or by statute. The land application process is strictly monitored for permit compliance and public acceptance. Parker Ag actually encourages representatives of the generator and regulatory authorities to visit our application sites. Our programs have been used many times by the CDPH&E and USEPA as the standard in the State of Colorado and as examples of a sound land application program.

We believe that the transportation and land application are the highest profile aspects of this industry. Accordingly, public relations and public acceptance are critical aspects of our company’s program. We represent ourselves in a professional, courteous and positive manner. Any concerns or questions that are raised by the public will be promptly addressed. We have a number of articles available upon request regarding this project.

Parker Ag views land application of biosolids and other residuals as a recycling project and a fertilizer operation rolled into one process. We do not dispose of waste. We provide fertilizer for privately owned farmland in a manner which benefits the farmer while meeting the needs of our clients. This is performed in an environmentally and agronomically responsible manner.

The quality of our services, our rapport with the agricultural community and our track record with the regulators and other clients are keys which set us apart from others in the industry.