PBG Geophysical Exploration Ltd.

Since 1950, PBG Geophysical Exploration Ltd. provides non-seismic geophysical services to explore minerals, petroleum, geothermal & water resources as well as services to engineering and environmental projects. We offer scope of geophysical techniques; data acquisition, processing & interpretation / integrated interpretation of GG data

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76 Jagiellonska , Warsaw , 03-301 03-301 Poland

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Service provider
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Mining - Minerals
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration

Non-seismic geophysical services for geothermal, mineral and petroleum exploration. 

We operate worldwide  offering a broad range of non-invasive geophysical methods. We have a highly-specialized and qualified staff with good professional experience and international practice.

For petroleum exploration PBG Ltd. provides complex ground geophysical survey with the use of magnetotelluric and  gravity method to identify structures perspective for hydrocarbons exploration.  We offer the said methods as reconnaissance and supplementary techniques for seismic surveys for hydrocarbons, together with joint analysis and integrated geophysical-geological interpretation  to evaluate hydrocarbon structures and propose drilling and exploratory wells. 

Our offer is complemented with the large scale reconnaissance petroleum exploration service (project-based partnerships) involving simultaneous application of non-invasive geophysical and geological techniques (direct and passive)  to concentrate the efforts of conventional seismic only on the areas with the highest hydrocarbon potential, allowing the client to take advantage of economies of scale.

For geothermal and mineral exploration we offer a wide scope of geophysical service of the high methodological and interpretation standards both for preliminary and reconnaissance surveys and for resources definition.   

gravity surveys

The beginnings of PBG Ltd. dates back to the 1950 when the Company was founded. During this time PBG Ltd. has carried out many geophysical projects for mineral resources, oil, gas and geothermal exploration providing as a contractor or a sub-contractor all relevant services: data acquisition, processing and interpretation.