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PDR provides you with know-how about the material processing of production leftovers and wastes. The main divisions are the return and the recycling of PU-foam cans as well as the utilisation of inkjet print cartridges of the producer Hewlett-Packard.Together with originators and nameable developers particular process technologies for the recycling of the residual materials were engineered. The recycling plants were constructed and brought on line at PDR.

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Am alten Sägewerk 3 , Thurnau , D-95349 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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PDR stands for intelligent and technical recycling of waste, regardless of whether this involves production, product or packaging waste.

Our services begin with the development of recycling technology and cover the entire spectrum of the recycling process, i.e. salvaging, recycling and marketing of raw materials and products.

Processing quota of more than 95 % represent the principle of sustainability to which we feel obliged to as a technically oriented recycling company. Unable to find a reliable partner for your waste recycling? Please contact us – we can assist you and look forward to new challenges!

PDR is the specialist in the recycling of used products and of production residues.

Thanks to our use of innovative technologies and intelligent services, we achieve an optimum level of material recovery.

Together with our customers, we bring the products obtained back into the production cycle in such a way as to conserve resources.

PDR – Produkte durch Recycling. (PDR – Products via recycling.)

Our work is based on and geared towards the protection of the environment. We are bound to the agenda 21 for a sustainable development and here especially chapter 30 with its requirements to an environmental-related management.

Using innovative environmental technology we make an active contribution to resource conservation and climate protection. Compliance with the law and regulations is an absolute must. Whenever technically feasible and economically sound we will do much more to achieve this objective than we are required to do.

Aware of our responsibilities we design our business and operational process based on our experience, know-how and competence in such a way that the health and safety of our employees are ensured, while ruling out any harmful effects for people and the environment.

We recognise that we provide a service to our customers. Professionalism, flexibility and timeliness are the yardsticks by which we measure the quality of our work. We are committed to the concerns of shareholders and stakeholders as well as their equal treatment.

Within the framework of an ecological and social market economy it is our objective to achieve a high level of value creation.

Our way of thinking and acting is defined by the principle of sustainability. Taking responsibility for future generations is part of our corporate ethics.

Trust for each other as well as between us and our customers and shareholders are the source of our success. The will to perform, the team spirit across all levels, fairness, decency and respect for one another are the factors that make up our success. We are reminded of this fact every day.

Social responsibility begins with our employees

Our company's performance depends on the people who work for us. In terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) PDR aims to contribute to economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable development.

This includes a personnel policy which puts people at its heart. A social package of 'Job + Family + Health' supports this process in the following areas:

  • responsibility for training and deployment of people with disabilities
  • a variety of work schedules and volunteering during working hours
  • compatibility of family and career
  • women in leadership positions
  • healthcare, healthy nutrition, sports and other physical activities
  • advice on addiction and personal problems

Trust in decades of experience with recycling technology

It is more important than ever today for companies to keep pace with technological developments, market requirements, compliance with statutory regulations and also their own standards in terms of sustainability, innovation and future orientation.

High-performing partners are imperative if all these high expectations are to be satisfied. For many years, our high-potential location in Thurnau has stood for reliable recycling technology for material and substance recovery. With our highly developed plant, we achieve a recovery rate of more than 95 percent when recycling PU foam cans (80% of this in materials) andrecycling HP print cartridges (70% of this in materials).

Competence thanks to highly developed technology

Our recycling plant is specially designed for sorting the materials of the components in the various waste. In perfectly aligned processes, the incoming material is prepared for the recycling process. Our goal is to separate the substances in the components, so that they are available as pure grade raw materials for re-utilisation.

Profit from our special experience

As a PDR partner you can not only make use of our technological recycling competence, you also profit from our extensive experience in handling hazardous waste and dangerous goods.

We would also like to prove to you that your trust in PDR is justified: in addition to our recycling experience, we also maintain close contact with universities, research institutes and networks which allows us to develop innovative disposal solutions for your specific needs.