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Peat Sorb 2011 Inc. is the leading producer of a 100% natural, environmentally safe hydrocarbon absorbent. PEAT SORB 2011 INC harvests, prepares and markets PEAT SORB, a natural absorbent made from 100% Canadian sphagnum peat moss. We are committed to providing a safe, clean alternative to clay, as a way to help keep our planet clean and safe for future generations.

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5500 North Service Road, Suite 703 , Burlington , Ontario L7L 6W6 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills
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Internationally (various countries)
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There are many distributors of Peat Sorb - BUT Only one Manufacturer. - US!

In 1990, the pioneers of Peat Sorb saw the world was setting higher standards for a Greener planet and Peat Sorb came into being.

The target market for this revolutionary product quickly became the European community for their advanced efforts in Greener thinking by all levels of government and industry.

Peat Sorb earned its' instant recognition offshore. In 2011, Peat Sorb was purchased from North Star Multicorp Inc., and is now operating and managed as Peat Sorb 2011 Inc. Under new ownership, the brand Peat Sorb is now positioned to begin a new chapter to expand its' worldwide presence.

North America has taken up the challenge to focus on the environment by demanding accountability and responsibility from all of us who participate daily with hydrocarbons. Peat Sorb is needed more now than ever. As industry and consumer products, exports and imports grow in our economy, so too does the risk of hydrocarbon spills. Now an undisputed and proven non-leaching hydrocarbon absorption champion, Peat Sorb proudly takes command of its' rightful place cleaning up the planet for generations to come.

Peat Sorb is a 'natural' partner and best choice for doing the job right the first time.

  • We are 100% Canadian 'natural' sphagnum peat.
  • We are harvested from the caviar of peat bogs in Western Alberta, Canada.
  • We can help you grow and develop new greener ways of running your business.
  • We are about Emergency Preparedness and being Proactive

We bring to the World our Mission: