Perennial Environmental Services, LLC

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  • Environmental Consulting

    Environmental Consulting

    Perennial manages the permitting process and ensures compliance on projects of all scopes and sizes. Our staff routinely conducts field surveys and negotiates permits with federal and state agencies. Our proven area of expertise is providing support on large, complex oil and gas projects, including those under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We focus on identifying project-specific environmental topics and...

  • Federal Permitting and Compliance Services

    Federal Permitting and Compliance Services

    Federal permitting services include field surveys and the preparation and submittal of complete federal application packages. Perennial has extensive experience working with federal agencies to prepare detailed Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impacts Statements (EIS) for project-specific impacts on environmental resources and development of alternative analyses.

  • Ecological Resources Services

    Ecological Resources Services

    Ecological resources include fish and wildlife populations, habitats, and their relationships to each other, the environment, and specific ecosystems.  Perennial specializes in identifying, assessing, and evaluating ecological resources.

  • Wetlands Services

    Wetlands Services

    Perennial’s experience with wetland delineations ranges from small developments to large transportation and utility projects. Delineations are performed through an evaluation of vegetation, soils and hydrology according to the methodology prescribed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and/or state environmental agencies.  Through the use of GPS units, we collect data along wetland boundaries during field surveys allowing us to...

  • Ecological Risk Assessments Services

    Ecological Risk Assessments Services

    Ecological risk assessments evaluate the adverse effect to ecological and human receptors from exposure to hazards or one or more stressors.  Perennial performs assessments that provide the critical elements needed to determine the appropriate approaches to select a course of action. These assessments have a flexible process for organizing and analyzing data, information, assumptions, and uncertainties to evaluate the likelihood of adverse...

  • Cultural Resources Services

    Cultural Resources Services

    Perennial performs and manages cultural resource investigations and consultations for compliance with the Historic Preservation Act along with any tribal, state, or local requirements.

  • Environmental Due Diligence Services

    Environmental Due Diligence Services

    To help sellers and buyers ensure that their new property acquisitions or divestitures are audited for liabilities associated with current and historical land use and activities, we conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and due diligence evaluations. We take great pride in producing a comprehensive, quality report providing appropriate documentation, photographs, illustrations, and appendices for our clients.  Our Phase...

  • Compliance Inspection & Auditing Services

    Compliance Inspection & Auditing Services

    Perennial provides project and facility inspections, monitoring, and audits to ensure that construction and operations activities are in compliance with associated regulatory permits and corporate policies.

  • Aquatic Management Services

    Aquatic Management Services

    Perennial’s programs can improve both the appearance and the functionality of commercial and residential ponds and lakes.  Our proven methods aid in controlling unwanted vegetation and algae, thereby increasing the value of your resource.  We specialize in the development of site-specific management plans that coincide with existing lake and pond uses.