Phigenics, LLC

Phigenics, LLC

Phigenics is a water management company that partners with facility owners and suppliers to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and overall safety of all water systems. We help our clients remediate problems associated with waterborne pathogens, including legionella. We specialize in bringing technical solutions and new innovations to the water industry. Phigenics is not driven to provide a solution that is restricted to an internal product line. Our only bias is to provide solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives. We empower our clients to reduce water and energy expenses by facilitating the development of water management plans. This results in more cost-effective and safer operations. Typically for our clients, water processing utility costs are reduced 5-20% and water safety is quantitatively improved.

Company details

1701 Quincy Ave, Suite 32 , Naperville , IL 60540 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our Core Purpose

To help facility managers optimize the total cost of their water systems by improving safety and efficiency.

Phigenics is an innovative water management company that meets the increasingly complex needs of facility owners and managers to improve overall water safety while reducing operational (water, chemical, energy) and capital costs. Our innovative solutions and business model represent a clear shift in thinking. We do not sell chemicals or water treatment equipment and we are not driven to provide a solution that is restricted to an internal product line.

Phigenics is committed to helping facilities prevent disease resulting from waterborne pathogens. We ensure that our customers are following best practices and are aligned with existing and forthcoming standards. We utilize the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) risk management process to eliminate or control hazards in water systems in alignment with the forthcoming ASHRAE Standard 188 – Prevention of Legionellosis in Building Water Systems.

The Phigenics Analytical Services Laboratory (PASL) is certified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ELITE (Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation) program. The ELITE certification is valid for both the patented Phigenics Validation Test (PVT) and the ISO standard method. PASL has passed every proficiency test (taken every 6 months) since the beginning of the program with a score of 100% correct.

Our solutions are ideally suited for multiple facility locations and involve a combination of expert consulting services, certified analytical laboratory services running a superior and patented Legionella test, and a revolutionary web-based water management platform driven by automated sensors collecting and archiving critical data.

From data to intelligence..

phiMetrics is a revolutionary web-based water management platform that can be customized for any water system. Data can be entered manually or acquired automatically using the Phigenics Diagnostic eXchange (PDX)™ system.

Charting and alert functionality allow the user to keep all of the parameters of their water system under tight control. Legionella and water chemistry testing done by Phigenics is also uploaded immediately to your customized website to view anywhere, at any time.

Phigenics on the Web

  • Web-Enabled Water Management Solutions.
  • Instant access to data, reports, and trends.
  • Graphical representation of trends and statistics
  • Offers group collaboration and review.
  • Secure, remote access from any PC, anywhere

Meeting the Needs of..

  • Universities
  • Hospitals/Health care
  • Retail Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Power Generation

Phigenics Diagnostic eXchange

  • Automated data acquisition from virtually any sensor at your facility
  • Ability to process 4-20 mA or serial signals
  • Instant uploading of lab test results and pdf report files
  • View all of your data from anywhere on the web!