PhyMetrix Inc

PhyMetrix Inc

Phymetrix manufactures innovative products for Trace Moisture Measurement, which includes a comprehensive line of fast, accurate, lightweight hand held portable dew point meters and bench top moisture analyzers. Our bench top dewpoint meters are the only analyzers with a built-in vacuum pump to allow sampling from low-pressure sampling sources. Phymetrix analyzers unique features make them the most preferred instrument for measuring dewpoint in SF6 gases. The rugged, waterproof enclosures of the portable analyzers combined with the Phymetrix proprietary leading edge nanopore sensor technology make the Phymetrix dewpoint analyzers optimal for measuring moisture in Natural gas. Phymetrix has operational sales and service support in 35 countries around the world.

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28C Industrial Blvd , Medford , New York 11763 USA
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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PhyMetrix Inc. a global provider of advanced sensing and measurement instruments assembled a renowned team of Scientists and Engineers to research and design  a  revolutionary line of measurement instruments to meet today’s market needs. With over two decades of experience in the field of process measurement, the team released in December of 2008 the world’s smallest, fastest, most accurate moisture measurement instruments. This multi-million dollar business brings a new level of efficiency to advanced sensing and measurement for Laboratory and Process Control applications.

PhyMetrix Moisture Sample Systems provide better accuracy and reliability, easy field calibration, ease of service & maintenance, longer sensor life, quality assurance and  built to API Recommended Practice 555.

The Phymetrix website has a downloadable  free of charge moisture unit’s conversion calculator, dew point units conversion calculator, ppm to dew point conversion calculator, ppm to lbs-H2O conversion calculator.

Phymetrix offers a full service moisture calibration lab with NIST certification in the USA and services available in South America, Europe and the Far East. We offer calibration of dewpoint analyzers from all manufacturers. Turnaround time is ten days for dew point calibrations.

Phymetrix offers a rental program for dew point analyzers.

Bedros Bedrossian, President and founding partner of PhyMetrix Inc., has spent much of his professional life designing measurement instruments. As founding partner of Xentaur Corporation and President/COO from 1991-2006; Mr. Bedrossian was responsible for the design and implementation of the complete Xentaur line of moisture measurement instruments. In 2012, Mr. Bedrossian divested his ownership of Cosa Instrument and Xentaur Corp. His desire to continue to implement the newest technological advances in moisture analyzers has led him and the technical team of talented engineers to separate from Xentaur/Cosa and establish in 2006 PhyMetrix Inc. Revolutionary technical solutions and cutting edge technology led Mr. Bedrossian from the design team of ITT Defense Communications to system architect of SACDIN (Strategic Air Command Digital Information Network). Mr. Bedrossian holds two masters degrees from Columbia University in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.

Dr. Aghavni Bedrossian-Omer, Vice President of PhyMetrix and founding partner is an associate adjunct professor at Columbia University in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  Dr. Bedrossian-Omer is a founding partner of Xentaur Corporation and was responsible for the initial Research & Development of the sensing element of the Xentaur moisture instrument line. In 2012 she divested her ownership of Xentaur Corp. Her experience from research for Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Columbia University, to start-up engineer for Arco in Channelview Texas, to Market Development for Halcon SD and Cosa Instrument, brings multi-faceted set of skills to PhyMetrix. Dr. Bedrossian-Omer holds M.S. and Engineering Science Doctorate from Columbia University.

The talented Technical Team of PhyMetrix brings a vast array of experience and expertise from careers at ITT, Grumman, JPL, Halcon SD, NASA, Proctor & Gamble, IFF. Their contributions include numerous technical papers, presentations and patents.

Provide the best measurement solutions for Analytical and Process applications with expert product support; Our Customers Deserve the Best!

The name PhyMetrix derives its origins from the Greek letter Phi φ which represents the Golden Ratio 1.618 in nature, math, architecture and art; it provides the most ideal proportions: PhyMetrix brings the ideal to the world of measurement. PhyMetrix also stems from the Greek words “physikos” and “physis” for “natural” and “nature” which are the fundamentals of Physics - properties of matter and energy.