PIM Corporation

PIM Corporation was formed in to serve the rapidly growing trenchless technology market in the United States and Canada. PIM embarked on a mission to introduce the insitu replacement and rehabilitation of pipelines in North America. PIM Corporation`s management decided to diversify PIM`s Sub-Contracting business and acquired additional products to satisfy the various needs of its customers. PIM Corporation has worked diligently to develop its trenchless replacement and rehabilitation technologies and services. As a result, we have developed a professional staff of managers, engineers, supervisors, and technicians with a diverse background in all forms of trenchless technologies.

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201 Circle Drive No. Suite 106 , Piscataway , 08854 New Jersey USA

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Internationally (various countries)

Business Overview

PIM Corporation has been in operation for over 30 years, providing maintenance and rehabilitation services for above and under-ground structures, including: highway overpasses, bridges, concrete surfaces, and pipelines. The Company's expansive product and service capabilities include: structural waterproofing, pipe bursting and splitting (up-size or size-for-size), structural and semi-structural tight-fit polyethylene pipelining systems, and surface coatings, among others. Further, PIM Corporation has the ability to provide full project management, implementation and consultation services in either a prime or subcontractor capacity.

Since its inception, the Company has been at the forefront of trenchless technology and above ground applications and has maintained its position as a market leader by demonstrating a dynamic and adept approach to integrating new technologies and responding to market needs. PIM Corporation's strategic relationships with a number of leading industry players enables it to remain at the forefront of the testing and application of the latest technology.

Social Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Businesses and local governments are increasingly placing emphasis on the social benefits of trenchless technology applications and other rehabilitation services. These benefits are a result of minimizing the disturbance caused by repair and rehabilitation work on the daily lives of people, as well as maintaining the environment surrounding the service area. PIM's non-intrusive applications enable customers not only to minimize cost, but feasible also to do so in a way that minimizes the disturbance to the local community. Furthermore, towns and governments are increasingly being challenged to utilize alternative rehabilitation methods as in many instances, complete replacement is not a option.