Pinnacle Environmental Technologies has a wealth of different septic systems, sewage treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems and solutions to help provide protection to all water sources. We strive for excellence in environmental protection and ensure that all our water solutions – are made with environmentally friendly technologies. For more information on our septic systems, sewage treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems and more – contact Pinnacle Environmental Technologies today!

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

Our Mission is to Provide Products to Protect Public Health and the Environment that We All Share
There is a growing worldwide concern over fresh water sources and ocean water quality. The world's population is predicted to double by 2027 and millions more people will be without access to clean water. Scientists from around the world are urging an immediate adoption of clean waste processing technologies and the development of infrastructures to protect water resources and delicately balanced ecosystems.

Even in countries as water rich as Canada, clean fresh water is too precious a resource to take for granted. Pinnacle is actively involved in the stewardship of the wastewater and sewage treatment industry. Pinnacle consults with provincial and national regulatory health authorities toward the advancement of technologies that safeguard public health and protect fresh water resources.

Pinnacle Environmental Technologies Inc, is a 100% wholly owned Canadian company with owners, managers and staff committed to providing the best in wastewater treatment technologies and the best in technical support and after installation services in order serve the public good.

Our primary and over-arching objective at all times is to provide sewage wastewater treatment and septic system technologies that meet our key objectives and philosophy of serving the public and the environment. We do this through offering technologies and services that provide the:

  • Highest treatment efficiency of organic matter and nutrient reduction
  • Lowest sludge production (less pump out frequency)
  • Lowest possible Operation and Maintenance skill set for the required treatment
  • Best cost to benefit ratio
  • Worker Safe conditions for owners and maintenance providers