Pliotron Company of America LLC

Pliotron Company of America LLC

Pliotron Company of America LLC

Pliotron Company of America, LLC strives to be the premier custom manufacturer of permanent electrostatic air filters on a global basis. A family owned business located in upstate New York, we are flexible and agile, producing what you want, when you want it. We strive to have long-term relationships with our customers by insuring quality, meeting delivery requirements, and providing customer service. Our filters are used globally for numerous commercial, industrial and residential applications. We have been in business for more than 50 years, producing high quality electrostatic filters.

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4650 Witmer Industrial Estates , Niagara Falls , NY 14305-1360 USA
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)

Pliotron offers the highest quality ...electrostatic filters to clean the air in your home or business. Because Pliotron filters rely on electrostatic charges to draw in dust and dirt from the air, they are able to remove even the smallest particles without the drop in furnace aid pressure caused by other filters. Additionally, Pliotron filters have a durable, washable frame of aluminum or steel, making them long lasting, environmentally friendly alternatives to the average disposable filter

Save Time and Money
Buying a Pliotron filter will save you time and money. One Pliotron filter will last years, ensuring clean air for you, your business and customers. Save yourself the expense and lost time of constantly buying new disposable filers. Switch to Pliotron!