Premier Safety

Premier Safety sells, services and rents environmental safety products, including gas detection (fixed and portable), sound level meetings, respirators, confined space equipment and general PPE products. Premier currently has nine locations across the US and Canada. Full onsite safety survey can be completed at no charge.

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46400 Continental Drive , Chesterfield , MI 48047 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


Argus-Hazco: A better experience.

Argus-Hazco offers an extensive line of industrial health, safety and environmental monitoring equipment, supplies and services.

North American coverage supported by our network of local service centers ensures that your job will have the equipment and supplies you need—when and where you need them.

We have a wide variety of assets in our inventory—from SCBA’s to particle counters to XRF analyzers—spread throughout almost 1,000 unique product lines including aerosol monitoring, breathing air, communications, decon, fall protection, lighting/power, heat stress, sound and vibration, radiation/RF, imaging, air, water and soil sampling and air trailers.

We have a lot more than gas monitors and air pumps. We can be the single resource for every application you face. We even specialize in the maintenance and repair of the equipment you own.


Our people know their stuff. We employ qualified safety, industrial hygienist, safety and environmental specialists at Argus-Hazco. Our staff’s credentials include: CIH, CSP, ROH, MPH and factory-trained technicians.

Our people know your challenges. Argus-Hazco is committed to working closely with you to provide the utmost in quality products and services. We encourage you to call on us for assistance when you run up against a difficult project requiring special attention.

Our people want to help. So please call on us for whatever you need to provide for anything from basic safety products to the most complex, long-term projects. Whatever the size or scope of your project – we will exceed your expectations.

We will get to the core of the situation. Our technicians, our sales reps and even our top management can speak with authority on the capabilities of our equipment and match it to your specific application. And we are the champions of the one-of-a-kind solution, because we have the know-how and the right tools.


Argus-Hazco provides the quality, experience, expertise and equipment required to help solve your specific industrial-hygiene, environmental, respiratory, sampling, monitoring, confined-space and safety challenges.

  • We offer more reliable, newer products, expert services and technical support.
  • We do more to make sure you have the right tools for the application.
  • We care more about the outcome of the work.
  • We know more about the products, the details and the industry.

If you get to know us, you’ll discover how much we know about what matters to you. We are Argus-Hazco—the company that delivers a better experience.

Tailoring what we offer to meet your critical goals is one of our hallmarks, because we do it all the time.
Argus-Hazco should be your one resource for all of your environmental, industrial health and safety monitoring equipment and supply needs.