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  • Soil Stabilization

    The Presto GEOWEB system is the original 3D geocell developed by Presto Geosystems over 35 years ago. Using proven confinement technology, the GEOWEB system offers economical, effective geosynthetic design options to solve soil stabilization problems wherever land and water meet. We offer the industry’s most complete geocell system, designed with ATRA accessories that increase strength, assure long-term performance and speed installation.

  • Geoweb - Geocells Cellular Confinement System

    Geoweb - Geocells Cellular Confinement System

    Presto Geosystems invented geocells in the late 1970’s and has been leading the geocellular technology ever since with important product advancements and design and construction accessories for higher performance and faster installation. Presto’s GEOWEB system is the industry’s ‘most complete geocell system’ designed with fully-engineered components to withstand the most challenging site problems. Made from high density...

  • Geoweb - Load Support System

    Geoweb - Load Support System

    Make use of local fill to construct site access roads with the GEOWEB Load Support System allowing immediate access after installation. The GEOWEB system outperforms 2D reinforcement materials that require deeper, more costly base materials. GEOWEB 3D confinement system is equally beneficial for base stabilization under asphalt or concrete and can reduce base materials by 50% or more. Base stabilization, surface stabilization, over-excavation...

  • Geoweb - Slope Protection System

    Geoweb - Slope Protection System

    Stabilize the upper soil layer on embankments with the 3D GEOWEB Slope Protection System to resist sliding, prevent severe erosion caused by surface runoff, and allow steeper slopes to be built. Protect geomembranes on dams, landfills, and containment basins with the industry’s only complete geocell solution featuring the tendon and ATRA Tendon Clip support system. sustainable vegetation, permeable aggregate, hard-armored concrete, geomembrane...

  • Geoweb - Channel Protection System

    Geoweb - Channel Protection System

    Design GEOWEB channels with varying infill options that eliminates the need for costly rip-rap, gabions and articulated concrete blocks (ACBs). Prevent erosion on channel slopes exposed to intermittent or continuous flow conditions with single-layered or tiered GEOWEB Channels. With an overlying TRM, GEOWEB vegetated channels can withstand flows up to 30 ft/sec (9m/sec)!. Vegetated channels, permeable channels, hard-armor concrete channels,...

  • Geoweb - Naturally-Vegetated, Green Retaining Wall Systems

    Geoweb - Naturally-Vegetated, Green Retaining Wall Systems

    Design vegetated reinforced and gravity walls that retain structural integrity even in poor base conditions with GEOWEB Retaining Walls. The GEOWEB system’s open-celled terraces create a natural environment for sustainable vegetation and allow storm water infiltration. GEOWEB walls conform well to landscape contours, are resistant to environmental degradation, and install 25-30% faster than MSE block walls. Presto offers design software to...

  • GeoRunner - Flow/Scour Protection Mats

    GeoRunner - Flow/Scour Protection Mats

    High-Performance Transition Mats Stop Scour. Protect areas subjected to concentrated flows from scour and surface erosion with Georunner Mats. Fully interconnected mats protect underlying TRMs or erosion control blankets, allowing low-maintenance vegetation at pipe outfalls, drainage ditches and swales instead of costly, higher maintenance rip rap. Shorelines with moderate wave action are also protected from erosion with Georunner Mats. Swales &...

  • Geoweb - Shoreline Protection Systems

    Geoweb - Shoreline Protection Systems

    Offering unique solutions to prevent erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and wave action with the 3D GEOWEB Shoreline Protection System. Provides protect to geomembranes on ponds and in stormwater and wastewater containment basins. The GEOWEB System creates a stable environment for infill. Sustainable vegetation , permeable aggregate , hard-armored concrete , geomembrane protection.

  • Presto GEOWEB - Erosion Control & Slope Protection Solution

    Presto GEOWEB - Erosion Control & Slope Protection Solution

    3D Geocells Protect Embankments from Severe Erosion. Shore up steep embankments and prevent severe erosion on slopes and channels with the GEOWEB System. The 3D cellular network prevents sheet flow from causing scour and erosion on slope surfaces. Confinement of infill allows smaller rock or vegetation in place of larger, costly rip rap. With concrete infill, the system is a flexible, hard-armor solution - more economical than reinforced concrete or...

  • GeoRunner - Surface Flow Protection System

    GeoRunner - Surface Flow Protection System

    Highly-effective scour protection transition mats. Protect channel and shoreline embankments from scour caused by water fluctuations, surface flows and wave action. Protect culvert outfalls from scour caused by concentrated flows. Support natural vegetation growth.

  • Construction Mats

    Create access roads faster and safer, without heavy placement equipment with Presto’s GEOTERRA and GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats. Strong, light-weight designs make the mats easy to deploy and install to any site configuration. Plus a 40-70% cost savings compared to heavier HDPE or timber mats gets contractors in and out of sites more economically. Soft ground and difficult-to-access sites are no problem with GEOTERRA mats. For temporary access over grass, GEOTERRA and GEORUNNER Mats m

  • GeoTerra - Construction Mats: Portable, Economical & Reusable

    GeoTerra - Construction Mats: Portable, Economical & Reusable

    Geoterra: The SAFEST Construction Mat in the Industry. Create access across soft ground with speed, agility, and safety with strong, light-weight GEOTERRAh Construction Mats. Build access roads, work platforms and tracking pads even over poor soils, wet ground and difficult-to-access sites. Protect lawn from damaging construction traffic. With a high crush and flexural strength, GEOTERRA mats deliver support for construction traffic and heavy...

  • Presto GeoTerra - Structural Mat System

    Presto GeoTerra - Structural Mat System

    The GEOTERRA® structural mat system is ideal as a ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades or for creating reinforced pavements in less-than-ideal environments

  • GeoRunner - Turf Protection Mats

    GeoRunner - Turf Protection Mats

    Landscape Mats Protect Grass from Light Vehicle Access. Drive over grass with light construction vehicles and equipment without damaging the turf with GEORUNNER Portable Mats. GEORUNNER mats help prevent deep rutting, soil compaction and turf damage that would require post-construction restoration. They also bridge sandy areas to support light-weight vehicles, wheel chairs and foot traffic. For longer term use, the open cells allow water and light to...

  • Porous Pavement

    Design attractive grass and aggregate porous pavements for traffic loading and reduce stormwater runoff on sites. Our line of quality porous paver systems offer design options for a wide range of permeable vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas—from firelanes, utility lanes, parking areas and trails.  GEOBLOCK, GEOPAVE and GEOWEB porous paving systems are designed to suit any aesthetic landscape plan, stormwater requirement and budget.

  • GEOBLOCK - Grass Porous Pavement

    GEOBLOCK - Grass Porous Pavement

    Design porous pavements that infiltrate stormwater, protect turf and resist the stresses of H-20 occasional traffic loading. Presto’s GEOBLOCK system is a series of high-strength, interlocking, rigid pavers with unparalleled load distribution, and greatest turf protection with minimal base.

  • GeoPave - Aggregate Porous Pavement System

    GeoPave - Aggregate Porous Pavement System

    Aggregate Porous Paving Delivers Infiltration & Storage. Control stormwater infiltration, manage runoff and create storage with porous pavements designed for every day traffic. With highly-permeable open-graded aggregate infill, GEOPAVE pavers promote a high rate of percolation, limit runoff and perform as a natural on-site retention system. Herringbone cells and integrated mesh bottom keeps aggregate in place even under heavy traffic use. GEOPAVE...

  • GeoBlock - Vegetated Porous Pavement

    GeoBlock - Vegetated Porous Pavement

    Create drivable grassed areas for occasional traffic loading with the grass protected from loading stresses with GEOBLOCK high-strength turf pavers. Because of their rigid design and exceptional load-spreading capability, GEOBLOCK porous pavements support heavy traffic loads (up to H-20 loading) with minimal base. With topsoil infill and an engineered base, the system offers high stormwater infiltration rates and is an excellent growing medium,...

  • Geoweb ATRA Accessories

    Presto’s GEOWEB system is the industry’s most complete geocell system, designed with accessories that increase strength, assure long-term performance, and speed installation. ATRA Keys offer 3X the strength and installation speed of stapling or zip ties. Three ATRA Anchor types deliver strength, driving speed, and resistance to corrosive environments - ATRA Stake Clips, ATRA GFRP anchors and ATRA Speed Stake anchors. Anchors install 10X faster with ATRA Drivers. ATRA Tendon Clips

  • ATRA - Model Key - Connection Device Tools

    ATRA - Model Key - Connection Device Tools

    The most productive way to connect GEOWEB sections, and assure the longest performance is with ATRA Keys. 3X stronger than staples, they provide a more secure and permanent load-transfer connection—and the polymeric material won’t corrode, even when exposed to corrosive environments. 3X faster than stapling, ATRA keys are easy to install with just one worker, and assure a positive connection with one easy turn! No pneumatic staplers. No...

  • ATRA - Stake Clips & Anchor GADs

    ATRA - Stake Clips & Anchor GADs

    Presto’s three ATRA Anchor types are designed for maximum anchorage strength, connection certainty, and installation speed.  One-piece polymer ATRA Speed Stake anchors are engineered for optimal performance and resistance to corrosive environments.  Glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) anchors also offer corrosion resistant. ATRA Stake Clips with rebar or straight rod form flat head ATRA anchors. All of Presto’s ATRA anchors are...

  • ATRA - Model Driver - High-Productivity, High- Impact Anchor Driving Tool

    ATRA - Model Driver - High-Productivity, High- Impact Anchor Driving Tool

    It’s fast and easy to drive large quantities of anchors and anchors in hard soils with Presto’s ATRA Drivers. Even in normal soil conditions, contractors prefer this powerful driving tool because it’s 10X faster than driving anchors with sledge hammers! The drivers cut down on worker fatigue and stress because the tool absorbs the driving impact, not the worker. Dramatically reduce labor costs and time on site. Use with...