Pro-Lock USA LLC

Pro-Lock USA LLC

Pro-Lock, Valve Lock-Out is a re-useable and universal system, which replaces high priced security seals, padlocks and chains, by either complementing or replacing existing devices. The Pro-Lock USA LLC products comply with ASTM F993 (2006) and OSHA Standards 1910.110, 1910.144 and 1910.147. Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves used in the following industries: oil and gas industry, manufacturing industry, transportation industry, fire hydrant lockout industry, water utility authorities, retail industry.

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62 Church Street , Monroe , CT 06468 USA

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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Nationally (across the country)

Pro-lock, Valve lockout is a Universal system, that can complement or even replace, high priced security seals, padlocks and chains. Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves, industrial machinery, and many other items, Pro-lock is molded from Atofina PPC 9760, a high impact copolymer polypropylene. It is UV stabilized and all internal parts are manufactured from stainless steel. Pro-lock is used in conjunction with PVC coated, multi stranded, galvanised, steel wire, supplied, either cut to the required length, or left on the roll as required.

How It Works

No threading of wire is necessary. The wire is slotted in from the side. The top section of the lock is hand tightened to secure the cable on to the valve. The Pro-lock is then slid along to the optimum position, much like the knot of a neck tie, then locked onto the cable using the Pro-lock Operating Tool.