Probiosphere Inc.

We are solutions provider in the bioremediation field. We are a biotechnology company versed in producing microorganisms for wastewater treatment plants and methane producing plants. Engineering firms trust our products because we deliver results they can actually measure. We give back to life the place it deserves in our environmental engineered solutions.

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100A Louis-Philippe Lebrun , Riviere-Du-Loup , Quebec G5R 5W6 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Working at the confluence of chemistry, biotechnology and industrial biology, Probosphere produces and offers wastewater treatment and purification additives that combine simplicity, reliability and performance.

The company was founded after 10 years of research in the science of wastewater treatment and environment. Today, it aims to become the world reference in white biotechnology.

Guided by the principles of white biotechnology as well as profound environmental values, Probosphere develops and distributes wastewater treatment additives that are both affordable and uncompromising in terms of effective environmental protection. The skilled microorganisms consortia rely foremost on an effective combination of bacteria, microbes and enzymes used for the sustainable purification of water bodies, while respecting the environment and life in all forms.

Biologically supporting the biogas industry, our green products are used for the sanitation of domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater and can be used for cleaning drains and ducts as well as for biological reactors.

The researchers and founders of the company are passionate about environment, biotechnology and green energy, and show a know-how at the forefront of biotechnology. They specialize in recycling the mineral and organic elements of other processes to produce microorganisms. These allow the formulation of environmental products with high added value as well as broad-spectrum ecological components.

We give back to life the place it deserves in the engineering of our environmental solutions by the production of microorganisms with targeted skills.