Process Engineering Srl

Process Engineering Srl

PE - Process Engineering - realizes Works of the Intelligence, Engineered Products and Smart Process Technology for Pollution Control, Oil & Gas, Rubber Thread, Agro-Industry Thanks to the long experience acquired in the Rubber Thread, Pollution Control & Waste Water Treatment, the Technology and the Products forming the `Made by Process` are successfully applied also for Oil & Gas, Mass Transfer and Agro-Industry PE engineers, designs, supplies, starts up Process Equipment, Machines, Industrial Package, Skid, Process Plants, applying Know-How, Technology, Processes and Patents of its own PE designs & builds in Italy the Process Equipment, the Industrial Packages, the SKID and the Plants that directly supplies to Customers / Clients, through different types of contracts including EPC & EPCM. All the Equipment, Plant supplied by PE is `Made by Process' and is 100% `Made in Italy` The Core Activity of Process Engineering is focused on the Industrial Supply, both of Goods and Service

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Via XXV Aprile, 3 , Fenegro , Italy 22070 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Aeration and Mixing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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PE - Process Engineering - can supply Process Equipment, Machinery, Skid, Industrial Packages and Process Plants that can be successfully applied in different Industrial Sectors, among which

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Rubber Thread Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Using its technology and applying the owned patents, PE carries out the design and cares construction of the engineered products engineered proposed.

With more than 35 years of experience in the Waste Water Treatment and with more than 30 years competence in the construction of Rubber Thread Production Plants and Rubber Thread Machines, PE has been included as Qualified Supplier in the Vendor List of leading companies

  • The Process Equipment range from Air Diffusers to Degasing Packing , excluding the Special Process Equipment
  • The Special Process Equipment are specially designed and manufactured in accordance to Client Specifications (On drawing Construction)
  • The Industrial Packages range from the Aeration Package to Fluid-dynamic Barriers to prevent the pollution and the l’obstruction of the Water Basins
  • PE has the ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Our Technology , our Technical Solutions, the Know-How, the achieved Experience, and our Engineered Products form the Technology 'Made in Process'.

With the experience gained, with the technology and the processes developed in as many as THIRTY YEARS of ACTIVITY by his shareholders and by the members of the Technical Team, PE - Process Engineering - designs, manufactures and supplies
Process Equipment , Machinery , Industrial Packages , Industrial SKID , Technical Services and Turn-Key Process Plants that can be successfully applied in different sectors and markets , such as

  • Agro-Industrial
  • C.P.I. = Chemical Process Industry
  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Energy & Furfural
  • Environment
  • Mass Transfer
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rubber Industry
  • Rubber Thread

Our Company applies and uses
Technology - Processes - Equipment - Know-How - Patents that are of our own property and that we have developed directly by ourselves.

Registered by the public notary on the Ides of amrch of the New Millenium - i.e. i.e March 15th, 2001 - Process Engineering was founded by Chart Eng Giovanni Luca Petrillo and by Attorney Mattia Riccardo Giacinto Petrillo.

As a result of his work experience in Polcon and once completed with note the course of MBA - Master in Business Administration - at Bocconi University (Università Luigi Bocconi) in Milan, the Founder with his first partner has decided to reorganize the Entrepreneurial Activity of the Family concentrating the same on

  • Process Equipment
  • Rubber Thread Production Plant
  • Knowledge Based Activity

with the exclusive utilization of

  • the Industrial Patents deposited by the Inventors (Mattia Riccardo Giacinto Petrillo, Giovanni Luca Petrillo, Giacinto Petrillo)
  • the Technologies, the Systems and the Methodologies developed by the petrillo family and by Chart Eng Giacinto Petrillo since the 80’s with regard to the Plants for the Production of High Quality Rubber Thread from Natural Latex
  • the Technologies, the Systems and the Processes of the Process Plants for the Production of Furfural and Clean energy from Agro-Industrial residua such as: rice husk, turf .. molasses ... wood

The Industrial Patents deposited by the Inventors (18 Deposits including Industrial and Trade-marks Patents) cover all the Process Equipment today offered and produced by PE - Process Engineering - i.e. the Aerobic Diffusers, the Structured Packing, the Structured Packing Bed, the Static Mixers and the Structured Columns for Mass Transfer .

Still today PE - Process Engineering - continues

  • to develop New Applications


  •  to search for new Leading Technical Solutions.

This continuous effort is witnessed by the Supplies Executed, by the Technical Solutions Developed, by the New SKID and by the Industrial Packages proposed, among which are mentioned :

  • Agartala Plant = T400 - AUTO = “RT Plant by P.E.”
  • PCS - “Process Control System by PE”
  • BB - Big Billy
  • NP - Neutralization Package
  • AA Recovery= Acetic Acid Recovery System

to which the so-called “Ideas under Development” must be added.

Always engaged in the Environmental Sector with the Supply of Equipment and/or Package for Plant , currently PE - Process Engineering - has as its core business the supply of

  • Process Equipment for Oil & Gas
  • Plants for the Production of Rubber Thread

As for the long-terms goals are concerned, the targets of PE - Process Engineering - foresee

  • the development of cooperation channels with Central America and South America
  • to continue the innovation and the Improvement of the Rubber Thread production Plants
  • to develop New Package and SKID for Industrial Applications
  • the participation to BID / Tender
  • the participation to Procurement Procedures, both Private type and Public type (PPR = Public Procurement)

The Knowledge Based Activities include

  • design (“engineering & design”: basic + detailed)
  • know-how
  • preparation of pre-feasibility study

BPA Business Plan Analysis

  • the preparation of a complete Technical and Financial Evaluation (BPA Business Plan Analysis) regarding the Project required by the Client.
  • After the choice of the Process and the Plant that satisfy the Client’s expectation , the first step is the calculation of the
    • Total Value of the Investment.
  • The second step is the calculation of
    • Economical Results
    • Cash Flows

for the Project Under Study .

  • The final part is the
    • Investment Evaluation
    • with the calculation of specific parameters such as
    • IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
    • NPV (Net Present Value)
    • EVA (Economic Value Addedd).

The Technical Services include

  • supervision to assembling
  • start-up ('test run')
  • 'trial production'
  • people training ('training on site')

Speaking with PE - Process Engineering means to enter a consolidated network of more than more than 45 Industrial Partners of PE , that, thanks to their privileged relationship and to their professional team working, can supply all around the world

  • Industrial Goods and Industrial Products
  • Industrial Services
  • Technical Services

with a Value of Production and a Value of “Services” that is higher than the ones available from each partner of the Network, thanks to the industrial synergy formed by the same Net .
PE and its Network - the << PE Net >> - can satisfy all the requirements linked in the supply of

  • Special Equipment because of: Application, Final use, Materials and similar
  • Process Equipment that must be designed and built on drawing
  • Process Packages and/or Process SKID

to be sized and built as per specifications and /or “on-demand” and /or “ad hoc”

Process Engineering - PEhas developed and realized Exclusive Technology & Process for:

Rubber Thread: RT Plant by PE
the production of Rubber Thread, the preparation of base mix and compound for the rubber thread production

Clean Energy & Furfural: E & F Plant by PE
the production of Clean Energy & Furfural from Agro-industrial Residua and Renewable Resources (such as: wood, bagasse, rice husks, corncobs … )

Aerated Lagoon: Aerated Lagoon by PE
using the technology, the equipment of the “ Made in Process” for Waste Water Treatment

Applying the aerobic treatment of the wastes originating from civil and industrial sites.

Our Technology through the Aerated Lagoons permits the Recovery and the Recycle of

  • Process Water
  • Organic Substances

Used by the Production Process before the 'Aerated Lagoon by PE.

  • Bio-Gas Production: Bio-Gas by PE

system for the Production of Bio-Gas and the Sludge Treatment