PROSES Ticaret, İmalat, Mühendislik (PROSES T.İ.M.) company was founded by Doğan Gürbüz,Chemical Engineer in 2005 to provide “ Engineering Services, Manufacturing and Trading of Industrial Substances and Materials” in the city of Yalova.Doğan Gürbüz, who had been at high level technical and administrative positions in industry, began to use his experience gained through industry by founding the company to produce filters subsequent to his retirement.Thanks to its quality standarts the company ranked at the top level in a short while in the field and then began to come into mind foremost to be choosen by domestic companies and a large number of global companies’ Turkey facilities.Our standart manufactured products are Cartridges and Bag Filters in diverse size and micron quality which are used in liquid, air and gas filtering (such as special filters made from glass-fiber and plaiting, dust bag filters, metal filters, gas filters, hydraulic filters.)

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Taşköprü Sanayi Sitesi, 5. Yol, No: 2-12 , Çiftlikköy , Çiftlikköy / Yalova Turkey
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)

Proses-T.I.M. also provides project based installation and start-up services for fresh water obtaining,process water and deionized water derived from untreated water and sea water, filtration of water and chemical solutions, recovery and  membrane filtration which are considered as high-tech products.On the mentioned projects PROSES T.I.M. only collaborates with the global players who provide services in pursuance of global quality standarts.Our firm and products registered to Medical Devices & Drugs Databank of Turkey (Türkiye İlaç ve Kimyasal Cihaz Ulusal Bankası,UBB) and our filters,approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, as well as having CE Marking .Our filters are used by many large and small scaled indrustial enterprises such as chemical facilities, surface processing facilities ,metal plating facilities , power plants, factories, purification and recovery facilities, food processing facilities and medical companies.In addition to mentioned activities our company offers process design services,R&D operations and produces its products with the self-customized machines as well.

Most users in the domestic market currently use our filters which have been produced since 2005 successfully by keeping our customers satisfied.So this fact makes the whole staff proud and happy while directing themselves to the new targets and products..At PROSES T.I.M, employees’ happiness and safety is too important. Their requests,desires and suggestions are carefully evaluated by the managİng staff and required transactions are executed by PROSES T.I.M without delay.

You may find out the latest developments at Proses-T.I.M.via our website’s “News From Us” section.The key reason why we are preferred by our customers is the superiority of quality, prompt delivery, competitve price, deferred payment advantage,good relations with the customers, service and corporate operations.Thus we have full belief  in your satisfaction with the products and company.