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  • System Solutions

    Protea's core analysers can be built into a complete measurement system with the correct choice of panel integration and sampling system components. Ensuring the measured sample is passed to the analyser at the correct flow, temperature and pressure and suitable sampling control is employed in case of equipment failure, will ensure that analyser uptime and performance is maintained. Protea’s Sampling System Control Module (SSCM) provides PLC-backed operation of pumps, valves and temperatu

  • Protea - Model SSCM - Self-contained Sampling System Control Module

    Protea - Model SSCM - Self-contained Sampling System Control Module

    Self-contained sampling control for use with Protea core gas analysers. The control of the gas sample in any analysis system is critical. From heated sample lines and probes to pump control, the management of the system is important to stop any damage to analytical hardware. For this reason, Protea supplies the Sampling System Control Module (SSCM) with our range of FTIR, TDLAS and Mass Spectrometer core analyser systems.

  • Protea - Cabinet Integration System for CEMS

    Protea - Cabinet Integration System for CEMS

    For complete Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) or continuous process analyser solutions, Protea can provide out core analyser technology integrated with suitable sampling system control in a cabinet.

  • Heated Gas Sampling System

    Heated Gas Sampling System

    For heated gas sampling from up to 4 separate sample points, Protea’s Heated Stream Selection Module (HSSM) is a ready to use 19' rack interface that can be used with Protea’s range of multigas FTIR analysers or any other industrial gas instrumentation.

  • Protea - PC Controllers

    Protea - PC Controllers

    Protea’s range of core gas analysers use Windows-based PCs for analyser control and data storage. For use in industrial process and emissions measurement applications a rugged and robust analyser controller is required.

  • Protea - Gas Blender

    Protea - Gas Blender

    In order to accurately calibrate Protea's range of gas analyser products, it is important to have repeatable gas calibration system. Protea’s gas blender products can achieve large calibration ranges to be covered from higher concentration gas reference standards. Using the latest in Mass Flow Controller (MFC) technology, the units are self-contained with embedded PC controller. The units can deliver calibration gas flows between 0-5lpm. The...