PURitech Gmbh

PURitech Gmbh

PURItech GmbH develops and manufactures self-regenerating diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems for nearly all diesel applications. PURItech is specialized in designing, manufacturing and servicing systems for the after-treatment of exhaust gases of diesel engines in order to comply with latest emission regulations. Emission control technologies include systems to effectively reduce emissions of soot, NOx and NO2. With PURIclean we have launched a cost effective and extremely efficient cleaning solution for DPF of any vendor. PURItech has received OEM homologations from the vast majority of the vehicle manufacturers and retrofit approvals all over the world. PURItech’s diesel particulate filter systems are certified in accordance with all major existing emission and noise regulations such as VERT. We are committed to providing our customer not only with the most compelling emission control technology but also the best-possible level service and total cost of ownership.

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Badstrasse 26 , Waldshut-Tiengen , Baden-Württemberg 79761 Germany

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)


Our Philosophy

The PURItech GmbH & Co.KG distinguishes itself through many years of experience in the field of exhaust gas treatment and emission reduction applied in diesel engines. With innovative, market-driven and reliable high-quality products, PURItech is one of the top specialists for the treatment of exhaust gas in the European market. Particularly the versatile know-how in “ diesel particle filter technology” as well as extensive experience in the equipment of commercial vehicles, construction and work machines, transit buses and off-road machinery, is our company’s main focus of expertise. This creates the basis for the professionalism of the entire team.

Our Goals

“Our products are made to achieve the highest operational standards for the protection of mankind and the environment.”

“Our goal is to break new ground with innovative and highly-efficient products in emission technology!”


We accomplish effectiveness through:

We strive to create products with the maximum of effectiveness and quality through specific planning of all necessary measures before, during and after the processing of the order as well as systematic quality control in every step of the manufacturing process. Qualified staff in all departments of the company is precisely monitoring the compliance of statutory provisions throughout the production phase. The zero-mistake-strategy has top priority in our combined efforts to increasingly minimize possible sources of error and to optimize the quality of the products and the seamless transition within the production process.

“Based on this understanding, we introduced a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2000 which was successfully certified by DQS GmbH.”


We Are Making a Valuable Contribution:

Diesel particle filters present a valuable contribution to the reduction of particulate emission to protect mankind and the environment. With this idea we are creating self-cleaning filter systems matching almost any application purpose.

Our goal is to break new ground with innovative and highly-efficient products in emission technology. We made it our mission to create trust among our clients and the public by providing factual information. We commit ourselves to the compliance of all statutory regulations and other environmental requirements.

How We Contribute:
“Our products shall contribute the highest possible efficiency in the protection of mankind and the environment.”

Employment Opportunities:

Open For a New Challenge?

The PURItech GmbH & Co. KG in Waldshut-Tiengen develops, produces and distributes state-of-the-art premium exhaust gas treatment systems applied in diesel engines in commercial vehicles, construction and heavy-duty work machinery, transit buses and off-road machinery. Our expanding, internationally-operating company is distinguished by its products and the highest operational standards regarding the responsibility for mankind and the environment. Our goal is to accomplish the highest possible customer satisfaction.

We are seeking qualified individuals to become members of our professional and dedicated team to further realize our ambitious and future-oriented goals; to start immediately send us your application!

The PURItech product development team celebrated a big success just before Christmas:

The system DPFN++, which is equipped with an additional diesel fuel injection used for applications with low exhaust gas temperatures, has been successfully tested at the Technische Universitaet Graz. The system has been tested on a metro bus Mercedes Benz Citaro model with the emission class EURO III and exhaust gas emissions compared with and without PURItech DPFN++.  What was not possible with a conventional particle filter with the PURItech DPFN it’s achievable: the reduction of carbon oxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and particulate matter (PM) is nowadays standard with closed particulate filters.

The Problem: Conventional particle filter increase emissions of NO2 and the NOx emissions remain constant

The tested PURItech system is able to do more. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and even Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are reduced significantly. With that, the filter retrofit problem is solved. The low NO2 limit in the ambient air, regulated in the EU since January 1, 2010, is not achievable in many cities along main street. In particular, vehicles with conventional filters are even increasing the NO2 emissions compared to vehicles without filters. With particulate filters, a reduction of particulate matter is achievable very efficiently. Also the NOx emissions are lower during the last years but the toxic NO2 emissions are significantly higher.

The solution is a combination with passive-active regeneration by PURItech

Due to the unique filter catalyst and the additional injection of diesel fuel to the pre-converter, not only the applicable range of the filter for low-temperature applications are possible, NOx and NO2 emissions are also reduced significantly. Reduction results for NOx are at 23% and NO2 at even 61% compared to engine baseline. Those results are even achieved without diesel fuel injection. If the injection is active, the emission reduction results are significantly higher. In mining and tunnel applications, the system is used very successfully because of the NO2 emissions, which are critical in this industry.
Until now NOx reductions have been achievable only with expensive SCR systems. With the PURItech system, the same results are possible with a system which is just a little higher than a passive system. Also the space requirements are not much more than with conventional systems.

Additionally, a SCR system requires exhaust gas temperatures at minimum 210 C – 220 C to work properly. At the tested low-temperature application, no ADBlue would be injected so that no NOx/NO2 reductions are measured. Customers who trust PURItech filter systems are on the safer side in order to comply with future requirements on NO2 decreasing exhaust gas after-treatment systems. PURItech systems reduce NO2 and, of course, particulate matter up to 99,9%.

The PURItech team is proud about its achievement, which reflects the excellent order situation.