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  • Inspection Instruments

  • Manual Test Stand

    Manual Test Stand

    Provides an easy to use and accurate platform to perform firmness tests with any of our handheld penetrometers. Gives smooth movement and precise alignment with a rugged rack and pinion lever elevating mechanism traveling on two guideposts with tight fitting bushings. The penetrometers simply screw onto a mounting plate that easily attaches to the elevating mechanism.

  • Temperature Measurement

  • QA - Model 2001095 - Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    QA - Model 2001095 - Waterproof Digital Thermometer

    The brand new QA digital thermometer is perfect for all varieties of temperature measurement. It is accurate enough to be used in the lab and rugged enough for harsh environments in the field. The reduced tip probe provides lighting fast readings and its accuracy is rarely seen in a pocket thermometer. The QA thermometer also has a special calibration feature that lets you adjust the temperature at any point, not just 32°F, which ensures the...

  • Air & Gas Analysis

  • Model 2006003 - Hydrion Ammonia Test Paper

    Model 2006003 - Hydrion Ammonia Test Paper

    The Hydrion Ammonia Test Paper is designed and calibrated to measure the amount of ammonia in the air. These strips can be used to detect trace amounts of ammonia in poultry houses or animal rooms, where levels as low as 25 ppm can be detrimental. Also helps to identify contamination from processing equipment.